The reason why GameFreak doesn't want to "expand" it's employees.

2021.12.01 07:30 MysticAceTrainer The reason why GameFreak doesn't want to "expand" it's employees.

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2021.12.01 07:30 Laughingboy14 The Enemy of Long-Term Investors: Entertaining Trading App UIs

We've all been there, checking the app of our favourite trading account app every ten seconds. Looking at prices, checking other coins, wondering whether or not to swing trade now for an extra 5% in our favourite crypto.
Part of the reason we do this is because of the slick, entertaining user interfaces of these apps, they make investing feel like a game that we want to be on every second of the day. This is an example of gamification. Gamification makes us more likely to want to make short-term trades, which for most retail investors, will make you lose funds. Gamification harms your willingness to HODL and can harm your long-term prospects.
Some traditional brokers (i.e. stocks and shares accounts not crypto) like Vanguard have actually thought of this already. The theory behind why Vanguard, one of the largest asset managers in the world, has a terrible UI is so that it follows the philosophy of its founder, Jack Bogle. Bogle believed that one should just buy and hold ETFs and never sell them. This is also similar advice to what many crypto investors espouse, buy and hold coins you believe in and never sell.
Perhaps we need more crypto apps with less alluring UI so we are less tempted to trade and we can just focus on HODLing. Name your suggestions below.
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2021.12.01 07:30 johnrock001 Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry - Sad Anime Recommendations

Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry - Sad Anime Recommendations -
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2021.12.01 07:30 fghjkl36 I'll make another post later with the link to the craigslist page

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2021.12.01 07:30 Curious_Village4800 I was at suntec city (singapore) and i see this, dont you see the resemblance

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2021.12.01 07:30 RainSesh NoPixel be like

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2021.12.01 07:30 nephistophiles There's a new bug where some players can barely see anything in game -- here's how to be a Seeing Eye Survivor

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2021.12.01 07:30 Tipperary555 Kevin McManamon announces retirement from inter-county football

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2021.12.01 07:30 marino13 Walk down the lane by me!

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2021.12.01 07:30 Floor-Proof Il No Vax Lorenzo Damiano finisce in terapia sub intensiva e si converte: "Seguirò la scienza: mi vaccinerò. Vaccinatevi tutti"

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2021.12.01 07:30 getblockio SHIB Spikes 38%, Binance’s CZ Named Richest Chinese, $770,000 for Snoop Dogg Photo NFT

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2021.12.01 07:30 yourlocaldogdealer Was it right ?I don’t feel good anymore

My mother for the past few days has been scolding me for not doing things . Yesterday , she asked me to buy a coke for her . When I got back I gave her coke . She scolded me and said “no I wanted Coke Zero “ I never heard her say that . She told me to stop blaming my faults on her . I know this isn’t anything minor . However, she knows that I have slow processing issues and that somethings need to be explained more . I wished she do that instead of scolding me . I understand that it is still my fault but I do wish she do that .
Another incident like this happened to day . I feel very sad and heart broken by it. After coming back from the supermarket, I was shouted at for not putting the food i made for her in the fridge. It was originally in the oven and I did not know I was supposed to put it there . I can understand where I went wrong but what she said after that upset me : “ You did this because you were either ungrateful or lazy , are you trying to feed me like a dog “ . I never had any intention of doing that ! It just never occurred to me that I must put it in the fridge , i honestly thought she was going to eat it later .
In that moment , she also ridiculed me for not putting the dishes back properly? This was never a problem before , like I never noticed it was . However, it is still valid am in the wrong . Right after that she said “ You can’t keep doing this , enough of your “ I’m sorry “ , ‘I didn’t know’ , ‘I have sensory issues ‘ , You need to get it fixed “ Why would she say that ? My sensory issues have nothing to do with this . I don’t understand why she used it against me . I can’t fix it . That sentence made me wished I wasn’t like this . Now I just ponder how life would be different without these disabilities. She didn’t say that I have sensory issues in a horrible way . After that I went to my room crying . I felt offended and invalidated . I can understand where I went wrong , but was there a need to say all of that ?
I go to occupational therapy with her and the fact that she is saying this It breaks me . This incident just make me feel that I shouldn’t tell her how I feel or how my neurodivergency affects me . I feel like this would used against me in a wrong me. I don’t think she deserves to know how I feel , I think that would just hurt me more . When I go to occupational therapy , I realised it’s a journey with your family and friends to help you improve . Like teamwork . But I don’t feel or get this teamwork from her .
Is she in the wrong ? Or am I . Was the things she said needed or am I just to sensitive ? I don’t trust myself how to feel because I feel like I make irrational decisions when it comes to this .
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2021.12.01 07:30 Side-Secret Seriously.... WHAT THA FUCK?

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2021.12.01 07:30 Some_Connection_4666 Ved man hvem? 🤔

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2021.12.01 07:30 Plebbit_hates_me Where do I start? I’m 15 and thinking of getting fitter

I’m on 1 month DIY T (don’t bother trying to convince me out it) I’d like to make my body shape less female looking and get some muscle on my arms.
I’m kinda retarded and don’t know where to start. I also don’t have money for anything
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2021.12.01 07:30 omegacluster Fish Basket - Fish Basket (progressive rock) [2019]

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2021.12.01 07:30 kayrakaanonline Captain America Hero Event: The Man Out of Time

Hi everyone. So the Spidey Hero Event is out. Some of us finished it, some of us going to finish it. While I liked the event i think getting a story for Spidey would have been better. And i really don't want any more hero events for new heroes. But, i would love to see some Hero Events for existing heroes. Especially the 5 heroes in the main game we got to spend very little time with. Cap is of course one of these characters and because of his death thing, we spend a really short time with him.
This hero event idea is for giving more backstory to him. And it's also a prologue to Winter Soldier's operation or expansion, I don't know what it will be. I think they can do this hero event a couple of weeks before the Winter Soldier DLC. There are some rules. Spidey Hero Event had an illustrated cutscene in the beginning and the end. It had an in game cutscene in the beginning. It had 14 audio logs and a harm room challenge. And some dialogue scenes with secondary characters.
So this Cap Hero Event idea I have will have the same things basically. 2 illustrated cutscenes, 1 in game cutscene, dialogues. But it won't have a harm room challenge because there is a cap harm room challenge. Instead of that I am giving 1 more audio log to cap. So there will be 15 audio logs in total. And every step will give an audio log except the final Step which makes the mission chain 16 steps in total. Let's begin!
Illustrated Opening Cutscene: Cap: So, all of you want to hear a tale huh? Ok, i can do that. So, you all know Peggy. Peggy Carter, founder of SHIELD. I met her during one of my missions. She was nice, beautiful and very skilled. She was a great fighter.
She always thought Nazi's weren't the real enemy and there was something much more sinister. And actually, there was. There was a secret organization called Hydra that supported Nazi's. They used World War II as a diversion to find some ancient artifacts that supposedly gives super powers to the one holding them.
We found Hydra, i fought their leader Red Skull, he died by accident in the fight we had and then i got frozen. I gave away my life to save all the others. I never believed those ancient artifacts of power until i met you guys.
Unknown Female Voice: Aren't you forgetting some details, Cap?
Cap: Who are you?
Unknown Female Voice: My name is Sharon. Sharon Carter.
Natasha: JARVIS, we need some drinks. Make sure Kamala's doesn't have any alcohol in it.
I haven't said anything about what the illustrasions shows but I think you can imagine them. So yeah, Sharon arrives to Chimera. We know from the elevator dialogues that Steve didn't search for Peggy or the Carter family. He didn't want to enter her life again. He thought Peggy was probably over it somehow and didn't wanted to bring back the bad memories. So he has no idea who Sharon is at this moment.
So the mission Chain is called "The Man out of Time" It has 16 steps, 1 audio log for each step except the final one. And the first step is to go and talk to Sharon in Chimera. That will start the in game cutscene.
In Game Cutscene: Sharon: Peggy was my aunt. She told me all about Hydra, SHIELD and you.
Cap: Was?
Sharon: Yeah. I'm sorry Steve but Peggy is dead.
Cap: How?
Sharon: Suicide. At least that's what they want us to believe. I think she has been murdered.
Cap: Murdered? By who?
Sharon: Hydra. Their old logo started to appear in some of AIM's bases. They are robbing them. Taking their weapons, gear, tech. I think something big is coming Steve.
Cap: How do you know all this? Have you contacted SHIELD about it?
Sharon: I entered these bases secretly. Looked around, looked at the AIM database. But i had to quit before i got any evidence. They were almost spotting me. Almost. And SHIELD wanted evidence. They didn't believed me.
Cap: Sharon, i beat Red Skull. And i saw him die. I saw the Hydra base exploding.
Sharon: I know Cap. That's why i need you guys to find the evidence. Go to one of the AIM bases, you will see it yourself.
Cap: Ok, fine. Where will you be?
Sharon: I will do my own search. Will text you if i find anything. Speaking of texting, i sent you a message earlier today. You haven't seen it.
Cap: I am getting used to the new technology. It's not as easy as it looks. Before you go, what missing details were you talking about while I told the story?
Sharon: That's a very different topic Cap. We can talk about that once we finish this Hydra thing.
And that concludes the first step and the in game cutscene. So the story is ready to go. First audio log is also unlocked at this point. It's a text message from Sharon to Steve going over a bit more information about Sharon and Peggy's relationship.
Step 2 is to complete a Threat Sector. Which will award players with a War Letter. It's written by someone with a last name of Fury. This is of course a reference to Nick Fury originally being in the World War II fighting with Cap. Marvel wiki says he had an Infinity Formula or something i don't know. In this universe, his grand father will be the one who fought with Cap in WW2. Letter gives some information about Hydra, Cap and Peggy during WW2.
Step 3 is killing 100 enemies. It gives the 3 audio log which is an email from Sharon to Steve. It says the evidence has probably been moved to a better guarded base. She says they should target a Hive. She also says a lot more about her childhood.
Step 4 is completing a Hive. Audio log is a text message from Natasha to Steve. Saying she doesn't trust Sharon and something is wrong. Steve gives details about his feelings towards Peggy.
Step 5 is talking to Sharon in Chimera. She says they found the evidence but it's encrypted of course. She says 2 more AIM bases have been robbed. She talks a bit about her failed attempt at being a SHIELD agent. Cap tells a short story about his first days in the army. And says she should never give up.
Step 6 is opening 10 strongboxes to find something that can help make the encryption process faster. There is an audio log from US Corporal Clarence Davis. He was featured in the prequel comic for Captain America. Thought it would be a nice reference. It's from his diary in the week of Steve's transformation. Gives us details about that process.
Step 7 is completing one of the iconic missions of Captain America. Which is another diary page from Clarence Davis. He talks about how it feels fighting with Cap. Goes into details about Steve's personality and talks a bit about Hydra at the end.
Step 8 is completing 3 dropzones. An email from Sharon again. Saying they don't have any more time and Steve needs to find a faster way. Talks about last thoughts of Peggy before she died. Sharon says Peggy talked a lot about Steve and he was always a part of her. She ends the audio log with saying "I wish you could have come and see her. She would have loved it. She got tears when she saw you again in television."
Step 9 is talking to Black Panther in Birnin Zana. Cap asks the help of Shuri to speed up the process. T'Challa asks about Steve's old adventures with his grand father in World War II. Steve gives some information about his connection with Wakanda in the old days.
Audio log that is unlocked here is another text conversation between Steve and Natasha. Steve talks about the previous email of Sharon and says he feels really guilty. Natasha says she couldn't said goodbye to more friends than she can count. Steve accidentally mentions another friend that helped him and Peggy in the war but quickly ends the conversation when he realizes it.
Step 10 is to complete a Harm Room Challenge. Audio log is the final diary entry from Clarence Davis. He says they got ambushed and one of Cap's close friends have been taken hostage by Hydra. He says he missed his family but he needs to do this last mission for Cap. They will attack the Hydra base. Diary ends with Davis saying he loves his job but he is sorry because he couldn't spend more time with his family. But he says he will be home soon. Audio log ends with an extra note written by someone else saying that Davis died in that mission.
Step 11 is completing a threat sector in Wakanda. Audio log is an old letter from Steve to Azzuri, the old Black Panther. He thanks for the vibranium and says he will come visit Wakanda after the war ends. He talks about some of their adventures together and says he and his men will protect the secret of Wakanda.
Step 12 is talking to Sharon in Chimera. Encryption has been finally solved, unlocked. Sharon says it's the same thing she saw. Which proves everything. But she says there is something else added as well. The database entry says Hydra might have also hacked SHIELD's systems. Because AIM robots detected SHIELD weapons in the hands of the Hydra agents. So Sharon asks Cap to go and find a SHIELD vault and look at the database. Cap says he is sorry for not fully believing Sharon. Sharon says it's ok and she is happy to help.
Audio log is another email from Sharon. She says she always wanted to make her aunt proud. She didn't wanted to be an agent at first, but when Peggy told her all of her memories with Steve and the tales from the war, she fully wanted to be a SHIELD agent. Then A Day happened and everything changed. She says this mission will hopefully make her a SHIELD agent. Which she hopes it will make Peggy proud.
Step 13 is finding a SHIELD bunker and unlocking a vault mission in a threat sector. Audio log is between Natasha and Steve. They talk about Sharon and Hydra coming back. Steve says a storm is coming and they need to be ready. Natasha asks about the friend that Cap accidentally talked about in their last conversation. Natasha says she knows there was a young soldier training under Steve. This was also confirmed in the elevator dialogue. Steve promises Natasha to talk about it once they finish this job.
Step 14 is completing a vault mission. Audio log is an old SHIELD file about Captain America. Gives some details about his childhood years. His dream of becoming a soldier. File ends with this sentence. "Captain America's last mission was a rescue mission. He and his men went to the Hydra base to save Cap's best friend. He fought with Red Skull. But in order to save the world, he destroyed the Hydra base. Both Steve Rogers and his friend Bucky Barnes is presumed dead. Written by Peggy Carter, Founder and the Director of SHIELD."
Step 15 is talking to Maria Hill. Steve, Sharon and Nat talks to Maria Hill. They send her the evidence. They also show her that Hydra is not only targeting AIM bases but also SHIELD bases. Hill thanks Sharon and the Avengers. Gives the title of Agent 13 to Sharon. And says that they are currently in a war against Hydra. Final audio log is the last recording of Steve sent to Peggy minutes before the explosion of the Hydra base. Here it is.
"Hi Peggy. It's me Steve. I have some good news, and bad news. Actually, I have a ton of bad news and not enough good news. So, I found Bucky. He is ok. I had to fought Red Skull. He accidentally fell off and died. I also lost all of my men.
Davis, Fury, all of them. All of them are gone. Hydra has been doing some horrible experiments. They are trying to create super humans. I think they use alien tech. None of this makes sense, I know. This power, should never be in the hands of a human. Any human. So I need to destroy this place.
I am going to activate the self destruction mechanism. I wanted to save Bucky, i failed. If i carry him out, i won't be able to come back to the base to stop it. US forces will be here. I can't allow that. I'm so sorry.
Say thank you to Azzuri if you can contact him. The Black Panther. And Howard. I'm so grateful to have them as my friends. And Peggy, i love you. I think you already know it. But i love you. I want to spend my entire life with you, I want to be with you wherever i go, all of that stuff. You know i'm not good at talking to ladies.
I'm sorry because i can't be there for you. I know you won't forget me, but please try. Please try to forget me and live your life. You deserve it. I love you. Goodbye Peggy."
Step 16 is the final step of the mission chain and it doesn't feature any audio logs. It says to and talk to Sharon in Chimera. The final dialogue scene appears. Sharon thanks Steve for his help. She reveals Peggy's biggest wish was to see Steve and Sharon fighting side by side. Cap says he would be glad to fight with Agent 13. Sharon says she needs to go back home to pack some stuff and come to Chimera.
Cap asks the missing detail again. The missing detail Sharon mentioned when they first met. When he told the story. Sharon says she was talking about Bucky Barnes. She says she knows everything. And says it wasn't Cap's fault. Adding Bucky would want this too. He too would sacrifice himself in order to save the world.
The final illustrated scene appears. Sharon goes to her apartment. Opens the door and sees a mess. She quickly understands someone entered her house. She opens a drawer to pick up her weapons but she finds nothing.
A shadow closes her mouth with his hand and we hear a knife sound. Shadow releases her and she collapses. She dies. The shadow comes to the into the light and we see the Crystal Dynamics version of Winter Soldier. Event ends there.
So yeah, Hydra has brainwashed Bucky and made him Winter Soldier. He killed both Peggy and Sharon and now he is coming for Maria Hill and Steve Rogers. What do you think about it? I would love to get your feedback. Also I think there should be a costume reward at the end of the mission chain but I don't know which one it would be. I am waiting for your costume reward ideas as well! Thanks for reading.
Some of my other Avengers ideas: -Mephisto's Nightmares: A New Mission Type -The End of AIM: A Seasonal Model Idea
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2021.12.01 07:30 Devil-sAdvocate Spoilers: Season 4 Klaes Ashford discussion.

In "Cibola Burn", During the Boarding Klaes Ashford manages to take out most of the guards but loses Victor and another one of his crew. He however manages to get to Marco and disarm him but then Marco's son Filip Inaros surprises Ashford and causes him to surrender.
Ashford still had his gun on Marcos and could have killed him while being killed, yet he chooses not to and is killed as he surely knows he would be. Why not just take Marcos out?
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2021.12.01 07:30 johnrock001 Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List

Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List -
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2021.12.01 07:30 rebeccabek This is insane

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2021.12.01 07:30 Pingu_of_Ashina Plans about iron alliance

With the huge amount of flavour the iron alliance in national spirits and being able 2 evolve 2 times into different nations were or are there any plans tho give it a focus tree?
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2021.12.01 07:30 Bummer1144 Found him on a dream

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2021.12.01 07:30 johnrock001 What are Manga and Anime?

What are Manga and Anime? -
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2021.12.01 07:30 TimmyTurnaa UnknownFigures2X Giveaway

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