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Need help running and exciting Npm Install

2022.01.24 20:45 WokeByTheGland98 Need help running and exciting Npm Install

I need help running and executing npm Install, npm Install truffle -p
I been following a video tutorial on this video guide step by step I'm up to 4:20 within this video and I'm stumped please help !
Watch "How to Create an NFT Collection (10,000+) No Coding Knowledge Needed" on YouTube by viral kingdom.
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2022.01.24 20:45 spookgti If this came out in 2022 I wouldn't be mad!

If this came out in 2022 I wouldn't be mad! submitted by spookgti to fo4 [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:45 ViCirce1 Should I go overseas? give???

3.7 gpa, last two yrs ~3.85
Msc in progress
Rejected across the board, not a single interview (still waiting on western/uoft)
This is 2nd cycle applying
Decent ECs, research almost every summer in undergrad, or co-op
Volunteering at hospital/NGO (not too many hrs, maybe 350 altogether)
International conference, 2 pubs - submitted (might've been after omsas deadline)
clubs/music/other normal undergrad things (way more hrs, 1000+)
I applied to international schools (Ire/Aus). should I consider these more? I know people say don't give up after two cycles but I don't want to waste so much more time waiting and gambling on an interview given my mediocre stats. Beyond that, also gambling I would be accepted after the interview.
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2022.01.24 20:45 TheSpiderGoat Is it ever ok to withhold past drug use from a Psychiatrist? Please help

Hi Friends,
I'm hoping for some advice regarding disclosing past drug use to a new psychiatrist.
For some background, I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and struggled with school and self esteem. I was bullied a lot, the other kids called me ADD-boy and the school had my name called over the school wide PA every lunch to take my Ritalin at the main office. When I moved to high school I begged to no longer be on medication as I no longer wanted to feel like a reject, they agreed and from then on I was medication free however my schooling became worse and I left high school without having learnt anything or having any belief in myself, this led to a denial from the age from 13 until 31 that I ever had ADHD since I was able to control my behavior without medication.
Over the last year I've realized that I very much do have ADHD and the struggles of my adult like make perfect sense through that lens, so as I've been on a big self improvement drive over the last 7 years and that I've reached a level at work where I'm unable to cope with the complexity, I decided to seek a psychiatrist for medication support.
I went in desperate for help and was honest about everything from my struggles to my substance abuse, drinking and party drugs in my early 20's but later in life it only was phases of MJ use, I thought honesty was the best policy.
The psychiatrist was patronizing and rude, after booking multiple sessions and bread crumbling requirements at each session and information like "ok now bring me your childhood school and medical reports and book another appointment", at the next session he spent most of it reading the documents followed "ok now go get an ECG and research Strattera and book another appointment". After 2. 5 months he finally offers Strattera and nothing else. I advocated for myself and requested Ritalin as it worked as a child and expressed my concerns with the common side effects of Strattera but he avoided answering questions directly while contradicting himself when you advised I was unable to receive Ritalin because of policy but then also told me to find another psychiatrist and put “seeking dexe medication” in the referral after also telling me I need to understand brain chemistry. I asked for clarity on whether it was policy or him that was the issue but he just responded with “Lets just say we all have a choice, I have a choice, just as you have a choice”. I advised I would take weekly drug tests but he didn't care.
After giving feedback on how I felt he conducted the sessions and also requesting to try Strattera, he eventually replied after 3 email attempts with "there has been a breakdown in our therapeutic engagement" and that he would no longer see me. He prescribed me Strattera after me begging for it and sent the prescription to the chemist so I can get it until I find a new psychiatrist.
I was on Strattera for 2 month, there were no positive benefits only fatigue, sexual issues, worsened insomnia/ADHD symptoms and when reaching the 80mg dose I became so depressed I couldn't function and I kept thinking about how I wanted to die, like jump infront of a truck which is completely unlike me, I love life and have never been suicidal.
Now I have an opportunity with a new psychiatrist tonight at a clinic that focuses on ADHD, I want to be honest with this psychiatrist but am also scared he will deny treating me with effective medication, this appointment is $900 and I can't afford it but my life is falling apart and I need some help.
I take other steps to manage my symptoms, no caffeine, exercise regularly, mediate daily, a 2 hour sleep routine to help my insomnia, to do lists, positive affirmations but it's not working, I fear I'm going to lose my job soon.
Is it ever ok to withhold past drug use because of the stigma that comes with it? How should I manage this situation moving forward?
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.24 20:45 newrelic Autoscaling Kubernetes pods with HPA and New Relic One

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2022.01.24 20:45 Justalonelyotaku1 Our man is so done with this shit

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2022.01.24 20:45 beatsbyredee A Boogie x Capella Grey Type Beat

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2022.01.24 20:45 minidemons Friend still DCING on playstation 5

So i have a friend who been having issues since Endwalker released. He is on PlayStation 5 and continuously getting dced during CS. I researched and researched and researched trying to find answers to what would be causing this issues. We can play together just fine till he doing story then he get dced repetitively. As far as I know SE already fixed their connection that was happening with everyone, the randomly boot, queues etc, but he's still getting booted daily.
He reset his modern/router every few days, reset his console, reinstalled the game as well. If anyone having issues as well and got it fixed please let me know so I can help him not get dced repetitively.
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2022.01.24 20:45 Solanum47 The Four Elements and Their Master

Within the nature of four elements lies treasure has hidden in plain sight. It’s mastery brings great bounty.
Let me show you the treasure I’ve seen.
Water is the energetic flow of the world. The female energy, Mother Nature; Shakti or the waters of baptism, for the Christian.
To understand the element water, we look at its mastery. To master water, embody the nature of the lotus. The lotus, rooted on the bed of the waters, rises up to the surface and blooms. The lotus blooms in both clear water and filth, swaying and riding the flow; yet its petals are never wetted.
Fire What you do not realize is that the element Fire already burns within you. Maybe it is only an ember inside you, waiting to be extinguished by a splash of water or wind; or a raging wildfire burning all it touches wildly; or perhaps the fire inside you is like the tip of a torch, focused and hot.
Fire is not mastered, it is merely a reaction of the other elements. It is maintained and shaped by the balance and mastery of the other elements. When we master water, the fires of our being cease to become wetted. When water meets fire, only smoke is produced, and the energy of the fire is absorbed. Yet when we are unwetted like the lotus, the smoke clears and the fire burns hotter
It is by the current of air which the fire burns.
The current of air is reflected in the currents of water.
Earth Earth is that which ties all elements together. Earth is the molecules of water and air. Earth is the bed which the water lay on and the lotus roots in. Earth is the fuel of the fire.
The Master The master of the elements is the blooming lotus. The lotus is the seat of fire upon the waters surface.
The lotus does not start as blossom.
The lotus is first a seed tumbling uncontrollably through the wet water.
By chance the lotus finds a lodge in a crevice of bedrock, and becomes root and tap, reaching up toward the light shining subtly through the depths from above.
Having traveled through the waters of the world first as seed and then as root, the lotus blossoms upon its surface; blooming in dry fragrance.
The lotus is your mind.
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2022.01.24 20:45 WowTheInternetOwO fun game

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2022.01.24 20:45 kekkres Magus Build, Glimmer!

Magus Build, Glimmer!
So next in my series of builds is Princess Glimmer, known for teleportation, sparkles and large-scale bad decision making. I have decided to build her as a Magus, as I think it best suits her flavor of combat magic. If Magus had access to the same sort of "second subclass" feats I would have given her some access to twisting tree due to the fact that she fights with a staff, but such an option does not exist, and between the two of them, the teleportation laughing shadow offers is far more important to the build. She is an assimar human, on account of having a literal angel for a mother, and her free archetype is pure Sorcerer (Angelic) for the same reason. Now I will be the first to admit, an arcane fist magus, with a spell list focused on the Light tag isn't the most... optimal thing imaginable but it is still plenty functional. If you wanted to improve it, you could re-flavor a warhammer as her staff and drop arcane fists for fleet or something similar; I certainly would not hold it against you.
Her skill Feats are largely based on Divine benefits by way of the religion skill, her skill with words and deception and master linguist because... she had multilingual and legendary society anyway and I couldn't think of anything I would pass it up for that was left for her to take.

Magus spells on the left, Sorcerer spells on the right, Signature spells bottom left

As always, a Free archetype sheet does not yet exist (or if it does no one has told me.) So the free archetype feats are as follows
2 Sorcerer Dedication
4 Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting
6 Ancestral Blood Magic
8 Bloodline Breadth
10 Divine Evolution
12 Expert Sorcerer Spellcasting
14 Dangerous Sorcery
16 Basic Bloodline Spell
18 Master Sorcerer Spellcasting
20 Signature Spell Expansion
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2022.01.24 20:45 TheNostalgicGamer Please Help Me Find This Beautiful Necklace!

Please Help Me Find This Beautiful Necklace!
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2022.01.24 20:45 Bold_N_Bootiful Riddle Seating For A Wedding

Hi, I'm new here. I'm planning my wedding and am trying to come up with riddles that are for the numbers 2 to 9. My partner's family all pride themselves as being clever, so I though we would have escort cards with riddles on them instead of table numbers. Of course if they can't solve it they can always just walk through until they find their place card (it's not a big wedding). I don't want anything overly complicated because there will be some older children/teenagers present, as well as riddles aren't really a huge thing with my side of the family (my side are all musicians/performers). I came up with a bunch on my own, but every time I try to Google search for more all I find are math problems, which I'm also not looking for. Can anyone help? Here's what I got so far so you understand the type of riddles I am looking for:
2) 1 - How many sides does a circle have? Answer: Two (the inside and the outside)
2 - Answer: Two
3 - Answer: Two
4 - Answer: Two
3) 1 - What is half of two plus two? Answer: Three
2 - Answer: Three
3 - Answer: Three
4 - Answer: Three
4) 1 - What English word is as long as it is valued? Answer: Four
2 - Answer: Four
3 - Answer: Four
4 - Answer: Four
5) 1 - Answer: Five
2 - Answer: Five
3 - Answer: Five
4 - Answer: Five
6) 1 - Double my number, I'm less than a score, Half of my number is less than four. Add one to my double when bakers are near, Days of the week are still greater, I fear. Answer: Six
2 - Answer: Six
3 - Answer: Six
4 - Answer: Six
7) 1 - I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I? Answer: Seven
2 - Answer: Seven
3 - Answer: Seven
4 - Answer:
8) 1 - Turn me on my side and I am everything. Cut me in half and I am nothing. What am I? Answer: Eight
2 - One more than four and two more than ten. Answer: Eight
3 - Answer: Eight
4 - Answer: Eight
9) 1- If two’s company, and three’s a crowd, what are four and five? Answer: Nine
2 - What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down? Answer: Nine
3 - Spell me out and I am the number of a month in which I also match the number of letters exactly of this month. What am I? Answer: Nine
4 - I'm a odd one, but was six before I lost my head. What am I? Answer: Nine (Roman Numeral IX)
None of these are finial, this is just what I have come up with so far or found Googling.
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2022.01.24 20:45 YaBoiDannyTanner [PS4] W: 2* BFFR Pepper Shaker H: BFFR Pepper Shaker swap, Mischief Night rewards, Fasnacht rewards, Meat Week rewards, 3* legendaries, ammo, aid, flux, caps, more


2 star Bloodied Faster Fire Rate Pepper Shaker
HAVE All max level items
3 star Bloodied Faster Fire Rate Pepper Shaker will only swap for Pepper Shaker wanted
Mischief Night rewards: • Fireman Uniform • Jack O'Lantern Pant Suit • Jack O'Lantern Short Suit • Plan: Alien Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Classic Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Evil Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Happy Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Mobster Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Practice Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Vault-Tec Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Vault Boy Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Vault Door Jack O'Lantern • Plan: Pumpkin Rack • Plan: Full Pumpkin Rack • Plan: Half Empty Pumpkin Rack • Plan: Grim Reaper Vault-Boy Cutout
Fasnacht rewards: • Fasnacht Giant Mask • Fasnacht Owl Mask • Fasnacht Soldier Mask • Fasnacht Toothy Man Mask • Fasnacht Witch Mask • Fasnacht Beret • Fasnacht Goblin Mask • Fasnacht Jester Mask • Fasnacht Skull Mask • Fasnacht Sun Mask • Fasnacht Crazy Guy Mask • Fasnacht Deathclaw Mask • Fasnacht Raven Mask • Fasnacht Winter Man Mask • Plan: Fasnacht Balloons 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Balloons 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Branch Garland 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Branch Garland 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Confetti Pile 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Confetti Pile 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Flag Pole 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Flag Pole 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Hanging Ribbons 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Hanging Ribbons 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Hanging Snowflakes 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Hanging Snowflakes 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Helvetia Garland 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Helvetia Garland 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Mounted Flag 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Mounted Flag 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Mounted Ribbons 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Mounted Ribbons 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Party Streamers 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Party Streamers 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Pole Lantern 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Pole Lantern 02 • Plan: Fasnacht Ribbons Pole 01 • Plan: Fasnacht Ribbons Pole 02 • Plan: Megasloth Pelt Rug • Plan: Mounted Megasloth • Plan: Old Man Winter Effigy • Recipe: Fasnacht Donut • Recipe: Fasnacht Sausage
Meat Week rewards: • Bloody Chef Hat • Bloody Chef Outfit • Chally the Moo-Moo Hat • Chally the Moo-Moo Outfit • Grillmaster's Hat • Plan: Brahmin Grill • Plan: Chally the Moo-Moo Backpack • Plan: Decoy Ducks • Plan: Grocery Cart Grill • Plan: Meat Cleaver • Plan: Meat Week Flag • Plan: Peppered Tenderizer Mod • Plan: Salty Tenderizer Mod • Plan: Spicy Tenderizer Mod • Plan: Plastic Fruit Bowl • Plan: Plastic Fruit Wreath • Recipe: Tato Salad
3 star legendaries: ask about inventory
Ammo: • .45 • .50 balls • 5.56 • fuel • fusion cells • railway spikes • shotgun shells • full charge plasma cores • full charge fusion cores
Aid: • stimpaks • radaways • rad-x diluted • inert flux
Flux: • cobalt • crimson • fluorescent • violet • yellowcake
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2022.01.24 20:45 waveorangejuice 20% OFF Hotelscom Coupon & Promo Code

Check out 20% OFF Hotelscom Coupon & Promo Code. There are Hotelscom Coupon & Promo Code for online purchases. You may save with using those discount codes, coupons, promo codes and offers. Take advantages of daily deals, sales and coupons!
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2022.01.24 20:45 Sherufanir011 Jewelry recommendations

Hi, so I have a Desi best friend and she’s been looking for marriage candidates. I’m not Desi and I don’t want to ask her too many jewelry related question to not give it away, but I wanted to buy her some jewelry as a wedding gift. Are there any authentic sellers on Etsy or similar sites that are recommended? And are there any traditions for friends and giving? Like in America it’s something blue, something borrowed etc… or maybe a specific kind of jewelry? I’m looking to get her a bracelet ideally. She’s not getting married in the near future (unless someone amazing shows up) but I want to save up for a nice gift. I’m looking under $500 though. Any recommendations are appreciated, thank you!
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2022.01.24 20:45 Individual_Ad9670 Help it gives me this error! It also said something about freeing up space and not enough storage.

Help it gives me this error! It also said something about freeing up space and not enough storage. submitted by Individual_Ad9670 to Instagram [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:45 Upper-Caregiver3488 Interview without having to do a presentation

I have an interview with a program that I also interviewed with through PPS during midyear. It is only a 2 hour interview and they told me that I do not have to prepare a presentation.
Any idea on what to expect? Will it just be two hours of interview questions? 😅
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2022.01.24 20:45 FalloutF4N Looking for a Tamil Eelam song

Hello everyone! This request will sadly be a tricky one but maybe somebody will find, what I'm looking for.
I'm looking for a Tamil Eelam song which was in a music collection on YouTube. The video was called something with "Eelam Songs Collection | EelamJukebox" by the now deleted channel "JL_Eelam_Creations" that got deleted at some point these days. It started at minute 35:27. The link to the video was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YXrGUcE1iU.
I think it was by the same singer as the one at 39:51 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__NbxHPxzrE (but I'm not 100% sure)
The beginning was like this: https://vocaroo.com/15N5vkEwQUHA (Sorry for my bad whistling hahaha)
I would be so grateful, if someone could find it for me! Cheers!
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2022.01.24 20:45 AutoModerator Did These 10 Yellowstone Scenes Go Too Far?

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2022.01.24 20:45 KoroLaWiiuFeliz I've got myself a bucket :)

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2022.01.24 20:45 Ostrichesrdicks Joe Biden Snaps, Calls Reporter 'Stupid Son of a Bitch'

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2022.01.24 20:45 Weightlosstipswomen On Tuesday, many will feel energized or will have originalities that will stimulate different brand-new ventures in the family, in love, in the job, or in a public strategy. Today you will certainly be willing to take more threat or more duties. You will have a genuine wish to aid someone in need.

On Tuesday, many will feel energized or will have originalities that will stimulate different brand-new ventures in the family, in love, in the job, or in a public strategy. Today you will certainly be willing to take more threat or more duties. You will have a genuine wish to aid someone in need. submitted by Weightlosstipswomen to TheThoughtCatalogs [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 20:45 NishiCL Firmware for crestron hd scaler e

Hi, I have a crestron hd-scaler-hd-e and I want to update the firmware 1.19, but when I try to download from crestron website, it says access denied, how can I download the firmware? thanks!
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2022.01.24 20:45 Attorney-Pitiful In order to stop the imbalance of EF/WW wars need to be balanced to 50/50 W/L rate

As many have suggested this would fix a lot of the gold distribution, currently the devs believe is healthy for the defender to always win, but here is the problem, the devs dont do the pvp like most of you do, so while they understand the needs of the PVE community they dont see how Is pissing off so many pvp players, here is the solution as many have posted.
- Defender respawns should only be at fort
- Even out the respawn rate of defenders to match the offender.

As a side note, for the devs, many of us have played competitive games, and the problem comes down to in open world games, is that when one side wins too much , guess what the loser does? they leave, quit the game, move on, but if they have a close to 50/50 win rate they stay longer, same problem if the defender wins too much, they stop logging on unless they need to defend.
This happens a lot in open world games and seen example in games like Ark, atlas, Last oasis, etc , i want the devs to understand that you are pissing off a lot of the pvp players by preventing the win rate to be so imbalanced.
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