New owner of a Brand new 2022 K5 GT

2022.01.24 19:29 Gordon23x New owner of a Brand new 2022 K5 GT

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2022.01.24 19:29 aliceliza Calorie Deficit

I’m trying to lose weight and have just started a gym. I’ve heard that a caloric deficit is the best way to lose weight. My question is - do you have to be in a complete deficit (as in, burning more calories than you eat) or can I be averaging at around 100-300 calories per day and be losing weight at a good rate still?
For example, today I’ve eaten 876 calories, and I’ve burned 709 at the gym. That means my calories for today are 167.
If it matters, I’m 22, female, 182 pounds, 5’8”
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.24 19:29 spacewatcher95 Cancelled plans on me…Is this worth pursuing?

I’ve been talking to a girl since Christmas and asked a her out last out, we agreed to plans fo for Wednesday this week. She has now told me today she’s made plans with her friends(by name) and 2 other friends(non named) I’m a pretty busy guy and I we agreed on a time that both suits us but she’d now gone and made other plans instead. now I don’t think she values me or my time. I feel like binning it as I low-key feel there’s a major L coming my way. Am I overthinking or am I right to feel this way? Is it too hasty to bin this or or is this a red flag?
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2022.01.24 19:29 Isbot2000 Hourly Wholesomeness

Hey, are you ok? To be honest, are you actually ok? You could be lying to yourself.
If you don't feel ok, talk to someone, someone you trust.
They won't judge you and will help you if you're going through a tough time.
And you don't have to go into detail — if you just say that you're not feeling like yourself, that's enough.
Just get the conversation going, and if you feel like there's more you want to talk about, then find someone you trust to sit down with you and get more in-depth.
Remember, you're worth your time. This is a really important realization to make in your life.
You're worth talking to.

beep boop im a bot
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2022.01.24 19:29 sp-6449 Stackitup PTT

Penis TMG
View Poll
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2022.01.24 19:29 the_homie0 Is only-games trustworthy / good places to buy 3d printed minis in Europe

I would love to buy some Archvillain games minis, or minis from other similar companies. However i dont have the space or money for a 3d printer. Therefore i looked for places where i can buy the printed minis. only-games seems to be only place i could buy these models. However they seem sketchy since they have no trustpilot reviews.
Are they trustworthy or are there better 3d model sellers in Europe?
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2022.01.24 19:29 Moo3k How many extra plugins with the £20 AE stuff

Been thinking of getting it but my load order is around 230 and I don't want to exceed the plugin limit by getting the new stuff. Does anyone know if I'll be safe?
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2022.01.24 19:29 DurableLeaf Garry Tonon teaches Charles Oliveira's signature anaconda/darce finish

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2022.01.24 19:29 random_numb 132.707112555

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2022.01.24 19:29 MarkyBrendanawicz [WTS] Seiko Yacht Timer

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2022.01.24 19:29 Bunniesandblackmetal bun

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2022.01.24 19:29 BingeAway Not being able to finish ;)

I had to restart the game twice, put dozens of hours in it and am still nowhere near the end. I cannot reach lvl 25 for the life of me and the only real quests left are those in Abessa (which I DESPISE because I have to turn against either of the factions). It is hard for me to pick a side so most of the started quests got cancelled because I ended up slipping up.
Does anybody have tips on how to continue? I am in big need :( Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.24 19:29 TehSpede My Keybase proof [reddit:tehspede = keybase:tehspede] (ZUAA9EAmJnCfQJHggGzmHw_D1JjC4uTFQgVudIyaP4s)

Keybase proof I am:

-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.1.13 Comment: yMIYAnicrZJdSBRRFMdX00yz0FTMMoKxD60l5s7c+dqIHgIlNJOMyFS2O3Pv6KTt brOz6mYFWYQV6RKBVA9tRfRgacWSDxJqJn0pGhhl4CIbFEZhD1KQD3XH7Cl6675c 7jn/37n/czhPli1ypMRlRgZzZ0hBNO7lQCjgQDP5TDOjenGQcTUzdWT+IvWY+C13 nYEZF8MCFshIUVRNEjAn60BjJSwjpBGBEJFFAsGcIGNBJojVoCArQGV1CWsUExGn Io4HLIsYJ6Mbnhpi+kzDY9GyUINIEnWkQgmLkqgQpEgEAsxiRWQxzUGF6JymULDW 67cJak5FfrLF8NIYfbh/2/tb/599B+bLyYKiIygRLHASEKhclBBCkOUxrwgA2P8G /MT0oMOEqi1S6/cRTJjjToZGGwyN2INdyJoEY8P6N2EFfXaokajuBditGh5M50eZ BmL6Da+HcQGq1CzDpoEIeVbkeZ51MqTJZ5jEbdgKQRJllh4n4zNJg92FKolYUzko axhwvAIETZV1IvEQakSBHFQB4iWVQyKnE0gUXtR4HutYloACVQIYu50jHi/j4hTq E9XQmn6jxoOsgEmtP+6vSnDEpTgWJ8bbi+VISU77s26hG0scLe3h5tdLbw+WvRjt L5mcLs3q6agNFl+4XomGmjoaSkM55eLUrZrZicbZr1XtDhC5/LSnf3lJXv6mwgPf XYmdlzqmd07FTVRHJseG9nV1X4ltzoi0nKl4u6cU7q7KfrV+uHHgG1eRsGu4zdo4 WN4X/Tx+2mrNBOd7d5z4uN8Il30IHvoymxXdyjdvKFu5qnz14nS5aar05MCzaGFk 7l5xyd1gduXF2FzF3FjywbKu+UxN6HH8RwTkbhZDils+DnfWF0qC/1Jnu2fvxd b3df/LqZ54/Su4pak84dPcZ/yk0rW5F7tY55uHbv9tSi/jVv5nKujeSYbcGRpFOh zuq8kC/wC7R2Phs= =Z6sd -----END PGP MESSAGE----- 
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2022.01.24 19:29 obamawearingabucket Are There Any Private Gym’s Around Clemson?

i am just wondering bc i just recently started going to the gym in early december after school ended and my gym back home is very small and barely any people went, wasn’t private, but small. however, i think most gyms r going to have a fair about of people. a very insecure and shy person asking - 🧍🏼‍♀️✋🏼
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2022.01.24 19:29 Littletrainer222 Anyone on campus in Res yet?

I am a parent whose kid wants to go back. I am concerned for my child’s mental health returning to an empty res. If you are there - how is it ? Is it hard to get food ? Are there big restrictions ? Anyone else going back February 1st. Any input would be appreciated.
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2022.01.24 19:29 OnSight415 SUNY WAITLIST

those who have been waitlisted in previous years, how long did it take to hear back. I’m really hoping I dont have to wait until orientation week. TYIA
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2022.01.24 19:29 GHOST1093 Fino señores

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2022.01.24 19:29 Reddit-O-Graphy Why marriage is the last resort of a love story?

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2022.01.24 19:29 Sunset_Tiger Sharing a gorgeous void that is looking for a home! 💕

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2022.01.24 19:29 ergraver Moisture + fungus gnat problem

My houseplants became infested with fungus gnats over a month ago and I still can’t get rid of the gnats completely. I have a ton of plants and my apartment is only one room (it’s very small) so when I water a plant, fungus gnats automatically appear. It’s also constantly very moist in here because I have so many plants. I spray neem oil, pesticide soap, and fungicide about once a week and I have a dehumidifier. I also use a gnat zapper trap and I have the yellow sticky traps everywhere. AND I water my plants less than I should to try and kill the gnat larvae but I cannot get rid of them. I just bought nematodes and a sand soil cover so we will see. What worked for you guys? I need help
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2022.01.24 19:29 twg-bot Tennessee deputy found dead inside burning home

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2022.01.24 19:29 Wants_to_Die12345 I just heard The College Dropout and Late Registration for the first time

WOW, really great records, besides from 1 or 2 songs. Loved basically every minute of it. Should I continue in chronological order? Any other artists you would suggest? Thanks everyone
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2022.01.24 19:29 tittania79 All that blue goes well togheter 🥵🍑🍆💦

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2022.01.24 19:29 verdany77 AMA - Forex/ Crypto/ Mărfuri ed 2

Primul are deja 80 de comentarii și e greu sa navighez prin el.
Postez pe Ro și nu în alte zone internaționale în ideea de a va ajuta pe voi cei din România chiar dacă poate ce postez nu va ajunge la foarte multa lume.
Norocul nu are nici o treaba cu tradingul, pur și simplu lumea în care trăim e asa fucked up încât poți prevedea mișcările forex și crypto cu 100% acuratețe. Doar răbdare sa ai și sa respecți câteva reguli simple.
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2022.01.24 19:29 Xlbiggavelli Sennheiser hd560s. Asus A15 laptop. DAC AMP HELP

I have an Asus gaming laptop and getting a pair of Sennheiser hd560s headphones soon. Was wondering what dac amp combo unit I should get to compliment this setup. I listen to music and game on the laptop with a pair of grado sr80s plugged straight into the 3.5mm Jack on my laptop as of right now. Any help would be appreciated.
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