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Alright u/SirShickersnee, I accept your challenge

2022.01.24 20:23 BustaNutDuring69 Alright u/SirShickersnee, I accept your challenge

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2022.01.24 20:23 dasmiu Should I write a fanfiction where Rise grows a hatred for bad-looking people and kills Kanji?

I don't like Kanji, if you can't tell. The guy is the closest Persona gets to an ugly-looking team member and it bothers me. I was recently playing Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, and in the P4 story mode a one of the other characters insults Kanji for being ugly, and I laughed my ass off, like yes, you go girl.
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2022.01.24 20:23 Patient_Ad6008 Futurecop! - Inner Universe

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2022.01.24 20:23 pairustwo Why is my thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum yellowing?

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2022.01.24 20:23 monkeedude1212 The issue isn't that ground battles are uninteresting, it's that armies are uninteresting

Every week there's someone who posts about ground battles and how underwhelming they are compared to fleet battles. Sure, Fleet battles look visually flashy as we have a nice star system view of ships volleying back and forth that looks pretty cool for a while. If the visual effects wear off on you though the real meat and potatoes of the Stellaris Fleet conflicts comes down to how complex that system is. There's a whole meta around what to equip your corvettes or battleships with and rushing towards jump drives, and even if you prefer not to customize ships and just run Auto-best, there is still the tactical maneuvers of where to build chokepoints, where to position your fleet defensively, how to split and maneuver around hyperlanes effectively to avoid chasing small fleets, etc. Fleets can be used to bombard and take out defense armies, they can be used to kill pops on planets or increase devastation, and even during peace time they are a crucial factor in considering the overall power of your empire, which influences whether AI want to protect you, vassalize you, or consider you a rival, or whether you the player can bully them around. The Fleets themselves have size caps on them to manage admiral effectiveness, you can willingly go over your fleet capacity if you've overcharged your economy but it incurs larger penalties for doing so, there are buildings and techs centered around increasing those caps or traits on admirals. You can amass large fleets for doom-stacks and you can have small fleets patrol to keep piracy down. In order to build ships it takes the alloy resource which has the complexity of needing minerals for production, or straight trade.
And now soon, Fleets will have an impact on influence. All in all, there's a lot going on with fleets and navies that really enriches what they are to the game.
Armies, by comparison, are simple in nature. They only cost flat minerals to build and energy for upkeep (and peanuts, at that). Your cap of armies is basically the number of pops you have, but you hardly need more than 10% of your pops to win most offensive ground battles. There isn't much in terms of army customization; you might have a few choices to pick from depending on your empire setup but largely these are just tweaks to upkeep, build time, and damage variations.
Don't get me wrong, the ground work IS there, like a Psionic armies do lots of Morale Damage which makes them super effective against most biological armies. That's cool, but in the end, all players are really doing still is checking the army strength numbers and bombarding until theirs is bigger then invading. The Upkeep of a large army of like 20 some troops is still fairly negligible and that fleet probably won't lose any invasions mid game. Most people would agree that focusing on your economy is a better use of your minerals and energy, and for defending yourself you really play up fleet power.
Parts of that are fine. Your fleets are still your defacto way of expressing sovereignty in a space game, that makes sense. And for the purpose of invading a planet, yeah armies still fit the bill, and the way fleets can bombard armies is fine.
What we need is armies to do more than just be a doomstack that fights doomstacks. Here's some random ideas to throw around to make armies more interesting:
Scrap defense soldiers and just have all armies/soldiers the same unit. Make Stronghold's increase the effectiveness of garrisoned soldiers.
The more armies you have in your empire, the higher authoritarian attraction is. Too few and Egalitarian ideals take hold.
Planetary decisions like Declare Population Controls, Create Thrall-World, Declare Martial Law, (maybe Anti-crime campaign) can't be performed without some number of soldiers present (25% of pop? 50% of pop?)
Armies can influence pop happiness, or stability, similar to enforcers, Maybe Unity, but that's already being reworked.
More armies can increase difficulty of espionage missions.
Armies could be required for Subject integration.
Purging Species could require Armies.
Armies in space could influence your naval capacity usage, garrisoned armies do not.
A Civic could make garrisoned part time workers (provide 0.1 mineral or energy or food to further reduce their upkeep)
Armies could capture civilian vessels. (Construction ships, Science Ships, and Colony ships)
Lots of ways you could take this.
I think by and large if there was any use to armies beyond invading planets (or defending planets) then people wouldn't mind the way ground battles work, right now its just an extra chore on top of winning the fleet battles, but it could be so much more.
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2022.01.24 20:23 Hxian-no [Serious] Am I a closeted bisexual or straight? F(23)

I have been pondering about this for years, after I realized I sometimes have the hots for some women. I always thought "I wanna be her" but lately I'm thinking "or do I wanna be WITH her?" I'm not sure if I'm in denial or these two following factors play a part:
First of a little NSFW: I have a bit of a p0rn addiction since I accidentally stumbled upon it, when I was 11 y/o (yeah I know very young...) and I didn't really think twice about it, became curious and turned on by it.
I didn't really focus on the woman, I just imagined myself in that position. But because p0rn is mostly focused on the women, the line between imagine myself being screwed and getting starting to get turned on by the actual lady herself, is where I started question my sexuality a lot.
Second factor I am mostly in denial because I grew up religious, I don't have a prejudice against any group including lgbt and let others live their lives. I always thought to be straight and as a kid I never liked any girls or never fantasized being with one and honestly I don't plan to be in any kind of relationship with a woman, no kissing or hand holding (romantically). So maybe I am sexually only attracted to women? but sometimes the thought of "oh sh*t I find her hot" and I'm fighting the urges and my mind telling me I wanna kiss her. Typing this all out is making me have mixed feelings and a bit of butterflies. I dunno I am very attracted to men, they turn me on and like the male body a lot, I have kissed and had sex with men . Thought the idea of having sex with a woman turns me on, but actually doing it makes me squirm...(Sorry) So maybe I am only sexually attracted to women, then again I don't wanna do the sex part...But I do feel some type of way when I see a woman, I find attractive and I like her personality and sometimes I sneakily stare if one draws my attention.

Tl;dr Am I straight or a bisexual in denial. OR am I only sexually attracted to women?
Because I do get sexually turned by women, but I would never really be with one or 99% not have sex in real life. Thought I feel attracted towards certain women I find attractive, while I get turned on by men and have kissed and have sex with men. Please help me here, because I am not sure if I am straight!
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2022.01.24 20:23 rundfunk90 What shall my newborn son be called?

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2022.01.24 20:23 sumantisbeast Intro to Packaging Engineering

Has anyone took or is currently taking Packaging Engineering? What did you guys do for the textbook?
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2022.01.24 20:23 johnychen VR 360 5K Incredicoaster Roller Coaster On Ride Front Row POV Disney Cal...

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2022.01.24 20:23 Silent-Trash-7505 Hey guys, this might not be the right place but possibly. We're going to be in Miami in March for two weeks. We're looking for someone that knows the adult world there that would possibly wanna be part of our two weeks

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2022.01.24 20:23 lagbrournotgood Cosplay Opportunity

Does anyone want to meet up with those N95 masks the university gave us and do a duck cosplay? Ya know? Because they MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A FREAKING DUCK?
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2022.01.24 20:23 EvilGeneus I call it "The Lady Den".

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2022.01.24 20:23 Mellifluous41 What is Crypto Pay? It says I can earn up to 10% cashback? I'm sending CROs to my friend. How much would I get back?

It's something new I've never seen before. I was about to send some CRO to a friend when this popped up on my app
How much % would I get back on the CRO tokens I withdraw? It seems too good to be true that you are rewarded for simply withdrawing CRO tokens. I searched but couldn't find details about how it works.
Also, a suggestion, to enable crypto pay it's asking me to submit a proof of address which they have as I own a crypto.com card. It would improve user experience if they could make their different system talk to each other.
Thanks guys
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2022.01.24 20:23 CiceroTheAbsurd It’s been a painful couple months.

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2022.01.24 20:23 Crystal_Pesci Appeals court reinstates drop boxes for Wisconsin's February primary

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2022.01.24 20:23 BraveBicycle172 DAUT wins in game 7 !

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2022.01.24 20:23 Armailito DaequanWoco - SPEAKING OF ROFLGATOR!

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2022.01.24 20:23 Totalweirdo42 [FS][US] ❤️ PRICES DROPPED. Charlotte Tillbury, Armani, La Mer, Chanel, Chantecialle, Tom Ford and more.

PayPal fees included. Shipping $4. Discounts for bundles.
CHANTECIALLE BROZER IN GOA. Retail $68. Used once. $28
Fenty stick in sinamon. Swatched $8
Chantecaille Liquid Bronzer. Retail $44. Used once $25
Chanel Les Beiges in BR32. Retail $60. Used twice. $33
BY TERRY brightening face palette in beach bomb. Retail $56. Swatched. $28
Hourglass blush stick in Sacred. Retail $46. Used once. $21
RMS luminizer glow mini quad. Retail $25, used once $10
TOWER 28 beach please lip/cheek in after hours and happy hour. Retail $20. Used once, $9 each
J Lo Star Filter boostebronzehighlight in pink champagne and rich bronze. Retail $40. Used once $19
Charlotte Tillbury airbrush foundation in #5 cool. Used once $26
MAC go play blushes. Retail $30, unused, shadeHeat Index. $12
Fenty eye brightener in seashell. Used once $9
Armani lip power in 504. Retail $38. Used once $19
Chanel rouge allure lacque in 64 and 66. Retail $48. Swatched. $21 each
Chantecielle lip chics. The best lipsticks ever but these shades don’t work for me. From left to right in shades Damask, Mandevilla Clover, Rose de Mai. Retail $48. All used once $22 each
Dior Lacquer Stick in 687 (bronz authentic), Retail $38, swatched. $18
Natasha Denoa lipstick in Averyl, swatched, $15
Chanel coco gloss in 764. Retail $32. Swatched $17
Tom Ford gloss in 17 L’amour. Retail $58. Never used $23
PMG BALM in dark devotion. Used twice $8
Chanel coco bloom lipsticks in 114 and 118. Retail $48. Used once. $22
Too Faced Dazzling lipglosses, all unused, in 401k, 2 night stand, and Raisin the Roof. $8each
TOM FORD PALETTE IN BADASS. Retail $88. Used once. $40
Chanel eye quad in #228 Tisse Cambon. Retail $60. Used once $33
Fenty eye primer never used $9
La Mer original cream. 1 ounce. Retail $190. Unopened. $130
Kerastase serum cicanuit night treatment. Retail $56. Used once $23
Chantecialle detox mask. Retail $85. Never used $40
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2022.01.24 20:23 NewsElfForEnterprise At long last, Nvidia and AMD GPU street prices are beginning to drop

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2022.01.24 20:23 savemesomenugs [FRESH] hmu to discuss prices

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2022.01.24 20:23 SignMyAdoptionPapers Immortal Coaching Discord

Hey everyone, Feel free to join my discord in regards to coaching, come react to your roles, ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other! Trying to build a great community!
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2022.01.24 20:23 Fuzzy_Village_7882 [XBOX] [H] credits [W] ANY fennec

Ready to trade now
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2022.01.24 20:23 prodSB NOW ON SOUNDCLOUD! Tyler the Creator Full Louis Vuitton Album "The Sunseeker"

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2022.01.24 20:23 Reasonable-Ad9989 Queer Programmers Discord!

Hey guys! I’ve created a discord for Queer Programmers to come and talk about the industry, queer issues, etc. The invite is: https://discord.gg/93XcNEbR69. I hope to see you all there!
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2022.01.24 20:23 Sensitive-Cat2807 What does this mean?

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