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The FA20E and FA20F engines have a cast aluminium alloy cylinder head with chain-driven double overhead camshafts per cylinder bank. The four valves per cylinder – two intake and two exhaust – were actuated by roller rocker arms which had built-in needle bearings that reduced the friction that occurred between the camshafts and the roller rocker arms. tipped pcbn inserts in 80 degree hexagon shape W for hard turning ferrous metals of cast iron and hardened steel, the cbn insert cutting edges are made with polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, indexable inserts with cbn tips are precision cutting tools, which are used in cnc fine finish machining and turning roller, bearing, pumps, automobile brake disk, aircraft jet engine. rbb in der ARD Mediathek – Videos und Livestream 中古パソコンの最新情報をお届け。WindowsノートやゲーミングPC、Mac、iPad、リユースPC、Office付きPCなど、お買い得な中古品を多数紹介。秋葉原の ... Affiliate membership is for researchers based at UCT, elsewhere than in the IDM complex, who seek supplementary membership of the IDM because their research interests align with the general focus and current activity areas of the IDM, for 3-year terms, which are renewable.

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i think dodo is fr but i’m not sure
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2022.01.24 20:30 2smallsgunx [SELL] FDE SBA4 clone $50 (CO)
Both are brand new and unused. Bought a while back from a guy on here and they were very popular
Accept pp and Venmo
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2022.01.24 20:30 TheGreatCanadian13 Is it just me or does Hayley Joel Osment look like Matt Stafford

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2022.01.24 20:30 Bot_Highlights Me and my friends started playing this game 3 days ago. I think I've just peaked. My proudest moment by far! | /u/whycuthair

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2022.01.24 20:30 yakev724 Please Help me identify a TV show/Movie

hi there,
looking to identify the movie/tv show in the screens attached - any ideas? thanks in advance!
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4883 3147 1215
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2022.01.24 20:30 Uncle_Moe69 Help. I’m struggling to get the browser working on this old laptop that was given to me, can someone help? I really want this to work. Thank you.

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who goes to the gym and actually has some privacy or feels comfortable with others either in pool or in hot tub?
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2022.01.24 20:30 Krumpagit ID Help - Similar in texture and shape to a wood ear, but that's where the similarities end.

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2022.01.24 20:30 Holiday_Steak_9981 When does it get a little bit better?

When does the ‘sick to my stomach’ feeling go away? When do I stop feeling like every smile is a lie? When does the anxiety subside? When will I find joy in my favourite things again? How long does it actually tale? Time heals, but how much time? It feels infinite.
This is my first breakup. I’m 27, we were together for 5 years. Everyone says you’ll be happy again, but I never felt such complete happiness doing little things as I did with him. It was peace. It was a feeling of being home. Everything was elevated, every sensation, every experience, was just… better. And now I have to go back to existing on this lower level of contentment with life.
Every day I just feel sick, sick from the pain, sick from missing him, sick from the fear that I’ll never feel quite as happy again as I did with him. Maybe years from now, but years of this below average contentment terrifies me. When will the sick feeling in my body pass?
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2022.01.24 20:30 Stakita_el_fiero 3 pairs 13 dead pixels... [help, experiences & opinion]

Hello good people of reddit, I have to tell you my experience because I need to tell someone about it and I'm already very scratched.... this afternoon I returned for the 2nd time the oculus quest 2 that I bought at mediamarkt in December... and as you can imagine. .. the same, the same or worse...
the first ones I bought, I used them for 25 or 30 hours, at first I didn't notice anything, but I didn't notice it because I didn't look for them, but playing half life alyx I got a dark screen and there it was, a green pixel that didn't have to be there, and from there the problems began, as it was difficult for me to see it, I said "I'll see if it has more....". The oculus quest 2 has two panels of 1920x1920 pixels, which means 7.3 million pixels... well, I started to look and there were another 4 more in the central area, they are green dots on the screen that when the image moves, the image moves but the pixel is there motionless, the screen does not matter what color its on it, it is always there in green... 5 pixels the glasses in total, and surely some other on the periphery that I have not noticed....
I traveled 150 kilometers from my town to the mediamarkt where I bought them, and good job for mediamarkt, very good treatment by mediamarkt that returned my glasses instantly and did not give me any problem as they were returned within the correct period.... they gave me an new ones and in my innocence I thought wow, these will be fine, so without opening them I returned to my town, another 150km, to try them quietly and... boom, 3 dead pixels also very noticeable, 2 in the center left area and 1 in the peripheral right area. .......... another 150 kilometers to go to mediamarkt again and with all the good treatment in the world, the girl has kindly exchanged them for me, she has understood me perfectly and if things are on time, they dont have problem exchanging them... well, today I stayed with my family here in talavera (where the mediamarkt is) to try them, and now I can't take it anymore... another 5 dead pixels in the center of the screen..
and now is where the interesting questions begin... 3 glasses of the same model, all 3 defective, 100% error, tomorrow I'm going to go again and I don't know what to think anymore... my opinion is that the panel of light is fucking shit, that the glasses are cheap because they are of very poor quality (although I am delighted with their performance and their thousands of pros) but the glasses are of very poor quality, the panel is simply bad, and I think that being difficult to see, most people do not appreciate dead pixels, but these are there, and i bet that if I still open another 7 pairs of glasses I find at least 1 dead pixel in all 7, I am very convinced..... .....
what would you do? open as if they were packages of trading cards and exchange them until there are some decent ones, maybe claim the return of my money or settle for the ones that are least appreciated?
As a user and buyer, I have paid €350 for some glasses that I want to be good, but at the rate I am going, I would dare to say that 80% of all the Oculus Quest 2 glasses for sale have defects like mine.... ..... maybe the consignment of this mediamarkt has been defective, maybe people do not see them (you need to have good eyes to see them, like someone who does not appreciate the hertz on a monitor), but who does appreciate them because we have to settle for a defective product? ??
I feel ashamed of having to go for the 3rd time, hey, the glasses are in bad shape, I want others....... but I think about who is selling them to me (mark zuckemberg and his fortune of thousands and billions) and my blood burns, because I consider myself a complete swindle by a hyper-mega-billionaire guy who wants to slip me a defective product.....
what would you guys do??? any1 of u had the same problem???
greetings and thanks to whoever read my first post on reddit!! thanks you again ;)
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2022.01.24 20:30 xxxconstantinexx Did Cassie try dressing up as Jules and Maddie to impress Nate?

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2022.01.24 20:30 lulu_club Selling two NYC Samia concert tickets for 1/28

Willing to sell both together or can split them up! DM me!
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2022.01.24 20:30 ZoolShop An iceberg once bigger than Delaware dumped nearly 1 trillion tons of water in the ocean

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2022.01.24 20:30 Front-Chemist7181 A multi millionaire director complimented my self tape today

Pretty much. I submitted my self tape. I did the usual technique. Took me 15 minutes to memorize the few scenes. Me and my reader did it on zoom. I don't watch my tapes I ask my reader which one was the most truthful. I send the best 2 my reader says and don't look at them without question.
I got my call back. This film probably had over 10K+ submission and maybe hundreds of self tapes considering how much it pays and location.
I made it to the last 10 people. He said I sent a very powerful self tape and I adjusted to all the stage directions the director gave me and he complimented me on that too. I feel very proud of myself. No huge IMDb credits but I put in the work and it showed
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2022.01.24 20:30 fanboyx27 “Were you killed?!” “Sadly yes, BUT I LIVED!”

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2022.01.24 20:30 TrafficoLights average antiwork user giving police a easy time on tracking down crimes

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2022.01.24 20:30 TheCJK 99.9% of the Universe Chapter 98

Four Oblivion carriers orbited the massive Clowder station, Twain. Lines of freighters entering from the three rift gates were redirected away from the designated space for the Mariposa into the other three spheres. A Twain News Network ship was stationed beside her, continuously filming her for the Clowder news feed. Barasha stood on the outer deck, suited up in void gear.
"Barasha in the field here in the fourth cycle of the Mariposa feeding." The four legged Grazer walked to the edge of her ship, pointing at the massive ship. "Note the gentle nature of her tendrils."
In the distance, backlit from the multitude of lights from the Twain, the Mariposa slowly snaked a long segmented coil around a derelict freighter. She pulled it toward her mouthlike cargo hold where a mass of spindly arms pulled it inside.
"As you can see her mouth is developing well. She has grown capable of taking in and processing these retired ships, supplied from the Margot trading corporation." Barasha looked over at the Gollock cluster holding the camera and lighting gear. "We here at the Twain would like to thank our friends over at Margot prime and their continual supply runs of crystal for our AI residents. Margot trading, high end developers for all your processing needs."
Barasha smiled, widening her vertical mouth. "We have had requests from across the connected worlds for more detailed information on this new engineered life form in our midst. I have a guest about to be hologrammed in, he is known amongst all the species. His works have resulted in at least two Clowder species existence, that we know of, he is the owner of the Twain zoo, and he is proud partner with my people in developing over two hundred agricultural crops. I would like to welcome my friend and one of the lead developers on the Life ship project, The Preserver!"
Next to Barasha, in the vacuum of space, a yellow hologram appeared. It showed him from the torso up, his three hands and three eyed head clearly visible.
"Hello Preserver! Welcome to the show."
The Preserver focused all three eyes on the holocamera. "Thank you for having me. I am already honored with your words."
She nodded. "You are welcomed. I would like to dive into what you know about this ship behind us. Can you tell us what it is doing?"
The Preserver's hologram looked over at the Mariposa. "It is thriving. It has reached self sufficiency already, quicker than we predicted. Note how it is ripping apart that ship there in its mouth."
Barasha highlighted the mentioned part with a holographic triangle. "I see it. What are we looking at?"
He pointed with two of his hands. "If you zoom in you can make out a legion of moving creatures. You see them?"
Barasha nodded.
"Those are her answer to the AI box spiders."
Barasha shrunk down a bit. "Box spiders. The black world ripping creatures? She is making her own?"
The Preserver focused again on the camera. "Oh yes, but nothing in number or capability as say Curator, or the Totem have access to. Hers are organic, slowed in production. Can you zoom in further?"
Barasha nodded at the Gollock. They upped the cameras stabilization and zoomed in.
The Preserver pointed at three different creatures in her mouth, one with each hand. "See, look look. The group didn't design these. We gave her the codex to create her own designs to fit her needs. See how these three organisms are shaped different? One is more traditional, eight legs, one on each corner of the box. Those are versatile, space capable. They are genius design, able to do many functions, but not as focused as these other two."
He shifted his focus to the other two creatures the camera was zoomed in on. "These two are six legged, one has all six aimed down. It is fixed for work inside her, made to work on a singular plane at a time. It is a focused creature, without looking closer I couldn't tell you exactly what it does, but it is good to see her playing with design already. It shows she is adapting."
Barasha pointed at the third. "What of that one? It's standing like me."
"Oh, yes yes. Four legs on bottom, two larger arms up top, with a bifocal eyeset. You can see there are significantly fewer of those. I would say they are watching, maybe even guarding her entrance there."
Barasha looked into the camera. "You think she has militarized creatures in there?"
The Preserver nodded. "I hope so. We, the developers, debated on this for a significant amount of time. I fully intended her to have the full scope of military capabilities that we have here in the Clowder. Others debated having a ship dedicated to spreading life to new worlds, having the means to kill, but I made my point well."
"You think she should be weaponized?"
He bobbed. "She is weaponized. Each of our races have a history meeting new species, and most have been a conflict. If she is going to be at the edges of known space, she will meet new species. We all know the law of the universe."
Barasha nodded. "The universe doesn't care."
The Preserver bobbed. "The universe will eat you. Yes, yes. So we came to agreement. We will not deny her tooth and claw. Her new growth as seen on her hull has substantial armaments."
Barasha looked. "Yes. Is that a kinetic cannon there?" She said, pointing.
"Oh yes, one of many I am betting. I wouldn't doubt her growing several more in that hump on her back."
"How long do you think she will stay before her first mission?" She asked.
"I heard they will be putting out work orders within the cycle Barasha. Anyone watching who meets the requirements and wants to be a part of this expedition should be getting their resumes ready. They will start crewing shortly."
Barasha nodded at the camera. "Interesting! Has a captain been decided?"
"Oh yes. Captain Sam Clemens is already aboard helping her prep."
"Amazing! Our lead founder and station developer, project lead, will be taking on the captain role! And you said that work orders will be out by the end of today?"
The Preserver bobbed. "Yes, and all are welcome to apply."
Sam sat at the head of the white table, a custom bone growth made specifically for the meeting room. He waved his hand, and Mariposa spread open the door to the room, allowing three Hagfish to enter. Each carried a squishy in their face tentacles.
They walked over to the proffered bench, curling onto the seat. After getting comfortable, each in turn sat their squishy into their laps, stroking them with their tail tendrils.
Sam watched, smiling. "Pets?"
The Hagfish nearest him bobbed its head. "Yes. We have taken to them. We have found they need our constant protection, and are worthy of it."
The leader bobbed its head. "A variation, yes." It hissed. "They are smart, watchful. We have experimented with their capabilities, and they tend the stupider herds. We have a herd in our habitat that has grown significantly under their watch. They are not skittish of us, and are quite enjoyable to touch."
"You don't eat them?" Sam asked.
"No. They do not meet our dietary requirements. Too many sugars, not enough lipids and aminos."
Sam nodded. "Very well. You three have filled out a resume together?" He looked down at his wrist HUD. "Says you wish to apply for the lead security position."
The three bobbed their heads in unison.
Sam nodded, biting his upper lip. "You're not a very militarized race. I didn't expect any of your people to be applying for a security role. Why the interest?"
The leader looked at the other two with is eye stalks. They nodded, and then it looked back at Sam. "We are not overtly military like the Krattoch, Scribblers, or even you humans. Within the Great arm we were the watchers for the watchers, the hidden eyes if you will. Security doesn't just depend on might, but on sight as well. We think the lead security position should be the eyes for the meat to follow."
Sam chuckled. "Makes sense. Mariposa has eyes all over her body, do you really think she will need yours as well?"
"If she didn't, why hire for such a position? That is a foolish question."
Sam nodded. "Maybe, but I don't know how well suited your people would be for this." He looked back over their resume, reading. "Oh wow. Wow, you straight up say this." He looked up at them. "I should have read all the way through. Um, so you and the Dolacki assassins work together. You have assigned them tasks routinely for several decades now. Here, in the Clowder." He stared at them.
The leader nodded its pale head. "Of course. They volunteer their blades for us, as is their way. We wish to put those blades to your use as well."
"You've actively had assassins working within Clowder space, serving your own purposes and admit it. That is, wow. Um, that is a dangerous thing to admit. You can be arrested for this." Sam shifted in his seat."
The Hagfish leader patted its squishy, watching Sam. "We are aware. We are willing to confess to all our shadow work. You have gained the full favor of the Arelang. You have made his dream your own. You have made our dream, your own. We serve you, we offer you our eyes and blades. Anything you wish to know or do to us is yours."
"You wish to bring Dolacki with you?" Sam asked.
"They are hovering in reach of this ship waiting as we speak. Give permission and they will gladly board." It replied.
Sam leaned back. "Mariposa, Curator, what do you two think?"
The orbs in the wall, fixed on the three Hagfish, pivoted toward Sam. "Their dietary requirements could easily be met from one of my nutrient currents. I could rig up rooms with outlets for them. " She said aloud through the walls.
Sam shook his head. "No, I mean, do you trust them?"
Curator replied over the comm. "They are member species of the Clowder. You have let them live on the Twain for quite a while now. You forgiven them yet for their abuse of you?"
Sam shook his head. "Not entirely." He stared at the three. "Curator, run a deep scan of their habitats and records. I want to know all their doings over the years. Gritty details, and I expect full cooperation."
The three Hagfish bowed their heads. The leader hissed as it raised its head back up. "You will have full cooperation. We wish with the wholeness of our length to be a part of this mission. Our lives are yours."
Sam stood up. "I will go over the documentation when I have it. We will keep you informed."
The three lifted their squishies up to their head tendrils and raised up. They turned in order and made their way out the opening door.
Sam got up and walked over to the cabinet grown in the wall. He opened it up and started pouring himself a drink.
Sam walked down the long spinal corridor. He paused, looking up as an upside down rabbit bounced along the grass covered bones on the ceiling. He took a drink from his mug. "Mariposa, is that a rabbit?"
"Yes, and clover as well." She replied through the walls.
"Why is there a rabbit on the ceiling?" He asked.
"There are rabbits throughout by body. They are very efficient meat producing animals."
"And clover?"
"It is a very efficient nitrogen fixing plant, native to your home world. It is also considered lucky by your people."
Sam nodded and started walking again. "You getting superstitious on me?"
The walls rippled, issuing a giggling sound. "That is funny. No, superstitions do however have their roots in misunderstood phenomenon on your Earth. Clover, considered lucky, is found in healthy biomes. It is a fundamental plant providing mass to your herbivores. Places where it grows, animals flourished. Where animals flourished, humans flourished. Human luck usually revolved around where humans could live easily. Rabbits and clover both are signs of healthy biomes, and I have utilized both here in my body."
"What else do you find lucky?" He laughed, asking.
"Our next candidates."
"The ones I'm meeting down in your bowels?"
"Yes." She replied.
"Why aren't you telling me who they are? I should go over their resumes too."
The walls laughed again, causing two rabbits to dart along the ceiling. "There is no need. They are fully vetted. They just need you to sign off on them."
"You and Curator both agreed?"
Curator chimed in on his ear comm. "It was a quick yes."
Sam stepped into the open cyst, and started descending into the ship's bowels. "Very well, let's see who you two picked."
Sam stepped out, quickly covering his nose with his hand. "Oh wow, the smell is god awful."
"Excuse my stench." Mariposa rasped.
Sam walked through the corridor, looking down at the stream of biological fluids flowing beside him. "How are you making all of this? That is a lot of shit."
"I am a lot of ship."
Sam stopped as he stepped out into the main chamber. Numerous lines were running into a main tank. Curator was walking along an organic circular catwalk with several SFP walking in step beside her. He laughed as he walked up the steps to meet with them.
"Hey SFP!" He said, patting one on the back.
The four starfish like creatures held hands as they hugged him.
Sam squished his arms around them. "You guys joining the crew?"
Each of their five eyes focused on him. "Yes, you have need, we have need. We will join crew. Your ship could use our management of biological repurposement systems. We could use the lifespace. It is a promising agreement."
Sam looked at Curator. "I give my consent. Sign them up."
Mariposa shivered the upper ceiling causing tendrils and lumps to shift, creating a moist sounding voice. "I will grow them a nesting chamber as well as four dorsal farming beds. I think that should be a good start to a sustainable nutrient cycle."
The SFP looked around the room, making contact with the black orbs. "We are thankful. We plan to help the Mariposa and Sam on this venture. Thank you each for this opportunity."
Sam patted the one nearest on its back. "I thank you. Your people are the backbone of the Clowder. Having you with us would be good luck." He looked up at one of Mariposa's eyes and winked.
Curator tapped Sam's wrist. "I got you the data on the Hagfish. I need you to go over it before your rest cycle. Also I have a flock of Fwee'mos lined up for communications and navigation. They are vetted, but need you to meet with them. After your rest I have appointments with several Infinigan, Gollock, a Grazer herd, a pod of Eir, an Ocean Grower family, a Kawaroo clan, and the Rima de Cali wishes to speak to you."
Sam shut his eyes briefly. "Shit, that is a busy day."
"Busy, but necessary." The android replied.
Sam looked through the files on his wrist. "Tell you what, I'll see the Rima tomorrow but I want the others postponed and the HR candidates pushed forward. I'll meet with the Vaitalian princess first. They're pretty good at dealing with peoples. I could use a team to process all these applicants."
Curator stared at him. "Firstly, she's a queen. Secondly, they're smart, but also pretty vicious." Curator slowly blinked. "Wow. Stubborn did apply for the HR spot. Yeah, sure I'll move her up." She laughed. "Good luck with that. I think the Scribblers would be better going over applications though."
Sam smiled. "Maybe, but I doubt their emotional aptitude."
Curator nodded, pointing at him. "Good point. She may have that. I'll put her on the calendar then."
Sam looked over and patted the SFP again. "Glad to have you all aboard. I'm sure Mariposa will get you some redlines grown up quick enough. I'll work on getting a security detail going to escort you guys back and forth."
Mariposa spoke again through the ceiling. "I should have the rooms complete in a couple cycles. I have a small habitat ready if you need a place to rest currently."
The SFP looked around the room. "We do not need rest yet. We would like to start analysis of your waste. Chemistry is needed for us to prepare supplements for you. We also need your dietary needs in order to assist in your development."
Curator looked at everyone in turn. "I'll get the design specs sent to your habitat. They will be console locked, but you can go over them there."
The SFP all blinked in unison, bowing their upper arms. "We thank you again Sam. We are encouraged by this venture."
Sam returned the bow. "I thank you again."
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