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AMD vs Nvidia: what’s the better choice for a Linux pc build?

2022.01.24 19:34 Funny-Pomelo4468 AMD vs Nvidia: what’s the better choice for a Linux pc build?

Hey all, I was wondering if you could offer any insight and advice. I’m planning on building a new Ryzen pc sometime this year and want to plan everything out. I’m not in a rush since I’m waiting for gpu’s to become available and eventually drop in price.
Anyways, when it comes to the gpu I’ve read lots of conflicting information as to whether AMD or Nvidia works better with Linux. Which would you recommend? Thanks I’m advance!
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2022.01.24 19:34 OGDavid010 Y’all ever feel like your an npc when your coming down?

Bruh i be feeling like the spotlight had been taken off an I’m just another human in the background of life.
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2022.01.24 19:34 FailedHeathenConvert My new favorite maps are True Start Locations.

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2022.01.24 19:34 tsuite_ikimasu Discussion Prompt 01/24/2022: What is your partner’s family like? Do you get along with them?

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2022.01.24 19:34 Tasty_Tamerry Potato cookbook suggestion ?

Hello potato enthusiasts, I'm looking for a REAL good potato cookbook that I can get my hand on. Anyone knows any good cookbooks that are specifically about potato recipes and different ways of cooking potatoes as main dishes or snacks? Thank you all potato lovers
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2022.01.24 19:34 propheticpanda Down Jacket / Puffer Recs

Does anyone have any recommendations for a down / puffer jacket. Looking for something versatile with a classic look. Hopefully within a reasonable price range.
Thanks in advance guys
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2022.01.24 19:34 brandoholl Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share this cup with you, its my favorite one so far! Available now in my Etsy shop. Use code 2CG15 for 15% off. Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

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2022.01.24 19:34 ar_david_hh Jan/24/2022: Sarkissian resigned amid international investigation by journalists over his Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship; Officials and NGOs respond __ Pashinyan about Karabakh negotiation; Disappearance of Armenian-Azeri ethic ratio regarding referendum __ Cleanup in Yerevan __ Ombudswoman__More

Your 17-minute Monday digest in 4386 words.
update: President Sarkissian resigned | Opposition, Ruling parties respond | NGO chief on Sarkissian's political record and business dealings | Citizenship drama Details in Sunday post, in case you missed it. The role of the President in Armenia was severely restricted in favor of a parliamentary system after the 2015 constitutional amendment.
Sarkissian has one week to change his mind, said parliament president Alen Simonyan, who is set to become the acting president for approximately a month until a new president is elected by parliament.
HD MP Seyran Ohanyan: Sarkissian failed to fulfill his presidential responsibilities of protecting Armenia's security and territorial integrity. In recent times I haven't seen any activities from Sarkissian to strengthen the statehood and ensure security.
Sarkissian could have formed a restraining mechanism around the president's institute. One theory behind his resignation is there might be unfavorable events ahead of us, which Sarkissian decided to avoid by resigning.
The events of the past several years are also a result of Sarkissian's inaction. The new president should have a great reputation at home and in the diaspora. //
PU MP Hayk Mamijanyan: The resignation reasons mentioned by Sarkissian are illogical. He must have been familiar with the Constitution while accepting the job in 2018. While complaining about not having enough powers, Sarkissian decided to yield some of the powers he had to the Parliament. //
QP MP Arsen Torosyan: I respect Sarkissian's decision but the resignation reasons he mentioned in the letter are strange. [About the complaints that the president cannot, for example, veto laws:] It doesn't make sense to allow a president, who is elected by the parliament, to veto laws adopted by the same parliament, which was elected by the people. We don't have the U.S. model.
Sarkissian knew the limits of presidential powers. I've worked with him as a former Healthcare Minister and Premier's aide. We've spoken about the presidential limits on numerous occasions. I may agree or disagree with him, but in any case, it's his decision. //
QP MP Khachatur Sukiasyan: His resignation was somewhat predictable. Wasn't Sarkissian aware of the president's limitations when he accepted the job? {When asked about Sarkissian's wealth as a businessman and possible pressures on him} I rule out the possibility of any such pressures to resign. It's fair, though, to try and understand how much a person loves and trusts his country when 90% of his wealth is located abroad. //
Although a report from yesterday suggested that opposition alliances don't have enough MPs to nominate their presidential candidate, today HD MP Vardevanyan said they have the numbers.
Vardevanyan: The constitution allows parliament to amend laws to change the president's role, but no such amendments have been made so far. These 4 years have shown us that Sarkissian didn't use his full capacity while simultaneously complaining about not having enough powers. The president's office has been passive. //
QP MP Andranik Kocharyan: It's strange that Sarkissian, knowing about the ongoing efforts to reform the constitution, decided to resign instead of taking part in that process. Perhaps Sarkissian will explain the reason for his resignation later.
There were some risky episodes during Sarkissian's tenure, shortly after the war, when we had an issue with making changes in military positions [Onik]. We overcame those risks as a result of patient and balanced decisions by the public and the authorities. //
Informed Citizens NGO chief Ioannisyan: The only time Sarkissian truly attempted to use his presidential powers was in February-March 2021 when the army command violated the rules of political neutrality. Sarkissian's immediate confirmation of Pshinyan 's decree to fire Onik Gasparyan would have ensured the military's neutrality, but Sarkissian did the exact opposite, thus hindering the effort to keep the army from politics. How Sarkissian would use his powers if more was granted, can only be guessed.
President's office is decorative. When they wrote this constitution under Serj administration, they probably didn't even expect that one day the president could [act against premier Serj and] send bills to Constitutional court.
The claims that the president represents Armenia abroad, etc. are false. The law says it's the job of the Government and Ministries. You shouldn't hire two different firms to build your table's legs.
Sarkissian has been complaining about a lack of powers since April 2018. He was demanding more powers in foreign affairs.
Instead, the President should have a bigger role in forming apolitical structures such as courts, anti-corruption structures, economic competition agencies. I'll make this proposal during the upcoming constitutional reforms discussions.
Public officials should not be businessmen. Their expenses and properties should reflect their legal revenues. If not, it should disqualify them and possibly even serve as a ground for launching a corruption investigation.
When a certain public official [Sarkissian] decides that he should have the authority to hijack some of the powers belonging to the Government, to then go abroad to negotiate things while expecting certain personal benefits from the negotiations, before complaining that the Government disagreed over negotiation result, is a bit... hmmmm
Armen Sarkissian didn't like being told not to make agreements abroad without consulting with the Government first. There have been such instances. I won't open the parenthesis but I believe this contributed to his resignation. I'm not sure what the biggest reason was, perhaps his business dealings or the revelation of his business dealings, but there were many such instances when he attempted to hijack some of the powers belonging to the Government.
Did Serj "promise" more powers to Sarkissian?
NGO chief continues: There is no evidence that Serj had "promised" anything related to foreign affairs. The agreement was for Sarkissian to use his connections to bring foreign investors. Under Serj's administration, Sarkissian could probably have his own "share" in those investment deals. Shady deals were normal before 2018.
After the revolution, Sarkissian did attempt to bring investors. There has been a journalistic investigation about this. He also attempted to secure personal gain in those business investments. Some of these deals were not in the best interest of Armenia. The Government would tell Sarkissian straightforward that "this isn't in Armenia's best interest". This was an area of conflict.
Reporter: As far as I'm aware there is an active case about Sarkissian in the Corruption Prevention Commission.
Ioannesian: I don't know [duping delight smile].
Reporter: what about Sarkissian's complaints about the personal attacks against him and his family with the use of conspiracy theories?
Ioannesian: I agree with him on that. Come on now, a "British spy"? These conspiracies diverted the attention from legitimate questions about his prior business dealings. This is a dangerous thing because it weakens legitimate complaints that can be made in the future. Nobody will want to hear you later.
The June 2021 elections could have been held under much better election laws about administrative resources, had Sarkissian provided assurances about signing the reform law. He torpedoed the process. As a result, fewer amendments were made before the elections. Now, should we focus on this criticism, or him being a "British spy"? //
Pashinyan: Sarkissian called me 3.5 hours before the resignation to inform me about it. I asked him if he was calling me to inform me about it, or to discuss the matter. He said he had already made up his mind.
During my previous press conference, I spoke about the different opinions we hold about [parliamentary vs semi-presidential system]. But I'd also like to point out that the constitution hasn't changed since 2018 when he became president and I became premier.
Regarding Hetq investigative media outlet's report that Sarkissian was a citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis [offshore stuff] at the time of his confirmation as president, I've only learned about it recently so I have no comment. There are relevant agencies tasked with such issues.
{NOTE: Hetq investigators published an article about Sarkissian's citizenship here. Hetq believes that the citizenship issue played a role in his resignation. International OCCRP investigators had asked Sarkissian to comment on his Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship shortly before his resignation. Sarkissian told journalists that years ago he co-owned a hotel on the island and that the island gave him citizenship in exchange for an investment, without his knowledge, and that he had asked the passport to be revoked in 2013. In 2017 when the topic of his presidency was brought up, according to Sarkissian, he learned that the citizenship wasn't properly revoked. The process to revoke the citizenship was renewed after he was already a president, which is a violation of the constitution, plus documents might have been forged in Armenia to bypass the constitutional limits, writes Hetq. End of Hetq report.}
Pashinyan continues: There should be harmony between the president, parliament, and government. They should feel united with their responsibilities, especially today. We don't need experiments. The alternative is serious internal conflicts, such as the case with the February 2021 army command. The ruling party has enough votes to elect a president, at least in the second round.
If the Constitution is reformed, it should preserve the parliamentary system. The commission should audit our constitution's performance in the past 4 years [when it went into effect]. The problems should be surfaced and addressed.
After the war, I believed, and I was advised, that perhaps it's best to have a semi-presidential system to avoid shocks. But the parliamentary system proved itself as a reliable system to preserve democracy and overcome crises. We shouldn't make drastic changes frequently. In hindsight, it would have been worse if we were in a semi-presidential system. //
Tags: #ArmenSarkissian
Education Ministry and high-tech businesses discussed the efforts to retrain professionals | Education reform pilot program Techies presented their suggestions to implement new programs to promote high-tech education. They want high school students to study Artificial Intelligence.
Minister Dumanyan: Having a qualified and competitive workforce is a common goal. I'm glad that consciousness of overlapping interests in the fields of education and business is being formed. The only way to move forward is by working together.
Years ago the tech firms invited young workers and offered high wages. As a result, a situation has been created when competitive young engineers are not involved in the organization of education today. //
Deputy Minister Andreasyan: The education standards were changed. The natural sciences, high-tech, and mathematics will have more hours in schools. Under the new standards, the "Informatika" subject is now called "Digital Literacy & Computer Science."
Experiments to test the education reforms began in September 2021 in Tavush province. Starting middle school, students will have Orientation Clubs. We expect high-tech companies to play an activie role in this. //
Tags: #EducationReform
Pashinyan about connecting Armenian railway to global network after lifting the blockade: If we succeed in opening the AM-TR border and building the railway route, Armenia will connect via railway to Russia, Europe, Iran, and China, with all its economic benefits.
We agreed in Brussels to build the railways for $205 million on the Armenian side. Many international donors have expressed interest to make investments. There could be combinations that could even make it unnecessary to spend budget funds. The railway constructin preparations have begun. //
Pashinyan about normalizing AM-TR relations, border, trade: No preconditions. We must use the 2009 experience to try better. There are no guarantees that Turkey won't again introduce preconditions at a later stage, but so far the process is transparent. It wasn't like this before.
Diaspora has always been the driving force behind the Hay Dat issue, not the Republic of Armenia. In 2005, for example, President Kocharyan said that Armenia has no territorial claims against Turkey. Serj would later refer to that statement. Armenia is not questioning the Armenia-Turkey border. It will remain this way. The locomotive behind the recognition of the Genocide, too, has always been the diaspora and diaspora organizations. Our stance on this was written in the Government Program.
It's logical to have relations and eventually open the border with Turkey. It isn't just up to Armenia, though.
It is interesting when in countries like Armenia the issue of maintaining and protecting the domestic market for a local producer is discussed. It's one thing if Armenia had a 500 million strong domestic market where the domestic production could give a big boost to the economy. Countries like Armenia should focus on export. Our internal market cannot give us the economy we want. We need export markets. We can't use the export markets that are closed.
It is possible that in some segments the existing product will lose its competitiveness, but new opportunities will arise with the launch of railway and road connections. New jobs will be created. We need to build a copper smelter and factories. Having roads and railways is necessary for this.
We will gain a railway link to Europe. Have you considered the positive effect it will have on our exports to the EU? We have calculated it: Yes it will.
Reporter: There were 2-3 other railway projects back in the days about building a direct Armenia-Iran railway link, bypassing Nakhijevan. What happened to those?
Pashinyan: you can imagine the terrain the train has to cross from Ararat to Vayots Dzor to Syunik to Iran. It's immensely expensive and would take many more years. You can't build such projects without a solid economic justification.
There were events before 2018 that made those projects appear more like a machination scheme rather than an economic project. Not everything is realistic. //
Pashinyan about a Karabakh negotiation document that "went missing": As I've said before, the negotiation process never envisaged Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast as purely Armenian territory. Azeris, too, would decide the legal status of NK. There was a part from Madrid Principles about Armenians and Azeris participating in a future referendum with the same ethnic ratio that existed in 1988 before the war.
But then that document about Azeri participation and ethnic ratio went missing. Not Azerbaijan, but Serj Sargsyan asked OSCE to restore it. Did Serj dream about allowing Azeris to take part in the referendum? No, of crouse. He wanted to restore that document in order to preserve the 1988 ratio, knowing that over 70% of the population were Armenian in 1988.
That's why I said the Armenian side has never disputed Azeris' participation in the referendum. The Azeris would be legal Nagorno Karabakh residents, according to negotiation documents.
This provision about maintaining the ratio was "smeared" under a different logic. It wasn't restored. There are different sentences. Serj was trying to maintain that ratio buffer back in 2016.
How big is the 40,000 Azeri population, that had left Karabakh during the war, today? [assuming they have their own families now and can't leave them behind if they are to return to Karabakh?]
When would the referendum be held? The negotiation document said it would be up to Armenia and Azerbaijan to agree on the term. Azerbaijan could say 100 years later, while Armenia could insist on 5. The parties wouldn't agree with each other. It would lead to no referendum being held. [his complaint is about the negotiations not clearly dfining the referendum terms] //
Tags: #negotiations #ratio
Pashinyan about Karabakh negotiation process and "treason": I want my public words to match what's being discussed around the negotiation table. Recently, one of the officials who had participated in Karabakh talks in the past, revealed that during the negotiation process they would discuss things that could easily earn them treason charges back in Armenia.
I've thought a lot about this. Perhaps I should have done the same, I should have negotiated the same. But in hindsight, I saw that in 2018-2019, when I became Premier, it was already time to implement those earlier talks.
[Answering a question:] Of course we continue to pursue Artsakh people's right to self-determination, but the same Madrid Principles also mention territorial integrity. [talks about Armenian officials' negotiation record around this topic]
Excluding Artsakh from the negotiation table was a disaster. //
Pashinyan about European Court of Human Rights "acquitting" him in March 1 case The ECHR recently ruled that then-opposition Pashinyan's rights were violated.
Pashinyan: In fact, the ECHR made the ruling in the cases of Mushegh Saghatelyan, Gagik Jhangiryan, and Aram Bareghamyan. The prosecutors sent it to Cassations Court and acquitted them. I'll pursue a similar process to clear my record. //
Kristine Grigoryan elected as the new Human Rights Ombudsmann Grigoryan was a deputy Justice Minister under the Pashinyan administration. She will replace Arman Tatoyan, a deputy Justice Minister under the Serj Sargsyan administration. Ombudsman's tenure lasts 6 years (up to two consecutive, Tatoyan won't be renominated).
Grigoryan has a 12-year of experience in the Parliament, Justice Ministry, and deputy Premier's office. In 2019 she was appointed as deputy Justice Minister, and in 2021 as First deputy minister.
Grigoryan was confirmed with a 68-0 vote. The opposition was not present. They praised Tatoyan for his work. Some MPs had concerns about whether Grigoryan will be "as good as Tatoyan".
Grigoryan praised the work done by previous Ombudsmen Larisa Alaverdyan, Armen Harutyunyan, Karen Andreasyan (current Justice Minister), and departing Arman Tatoyan.
Girogyan: due to the nature of my job, I have a long record of working with the Ombudsman's office. They are professionals. I will continue Tatoyan's post-war efforts to raise awareness of issues that exist in border settlements, contacts with the international press, etc. We should also not forget about ensuring a normal life for IDPs, and raising awareness about Azerbaijan's Armenophobic rhetoric. //
top-1000 taxpayers paid ֏1.206 trillion in 2021, up from ֏0.987 trillion in 2020 Here are the top-10 last year, versus their position in the previous year:
10) Teghut ֏15.3b
9) Flesh Oil ֏15.5b
8) MTS Armenia telecom ֏15.7b
7) CPS Oil ֏18.1b
6) International Masis Tobacco ֏20.2b (was #5)
5) GeoProMining Gold ֏20.8b (was #4)
4) Grand Tobacco ֏42.2b (was #1)
3) Defense Ministry ֏42.7b
2) Gasprom Armenia ֏47.8b (was #2)
1) Zangezur Copper ֏48.8b (was #3)
Pashinyan and Artsakh president Harutyunyan met to discuss infrastructure & housing progress This year Armenia will provide $300 million budget aid to Artsakh, said Pashinyan. Last year it was $200 million.
Arayik Harutyunyan: I'd like to thank the Armenian government again for providing the post-war aid. We've always felt the support coming from the government and all of its members during difficult times.
I'd like to note that besides the $300 million budget aid, Armenia provided other direct aid in healthcare, social programs, etc. This is what has allowed us to prevent emigration and focus on important issues.
... housing 300 new apartments are ready. We've renovated 500 abandoned houses in villages. 3,000 are being built. Construction of 2,000 is being drafted. These 5,000 apartments/houses will help us address the issues.
... freshwater pipeline & irrigation canal We have launched ambitious projects. Badara-Stepanakert pipeline will fully solve the water issue in the capital and the newly built residential districts. This is unprecedented in our history.
The works on the canal called Sovetar are nearing completion. It'll irrigate 3,000 hectares. We're also working on artesian water wells to boost agriculture.
... other fields Base Metals [a large mining taxpayer in Artsakh] is now working at 70-80% capacity, as planned.
We're addressed some water and electricity delivery issues. It led to budget revenues increasing from the planned ֏17b to ֏34b. We plan ֏40b this year. Various charity programs are developing greenhouses.
Overall, the volume of housing construction is going as planned. Simultaneously, the All Armenia Fund is building 1061 apartments and doing other infrastructure work. //
Yerevan municipality will implement the "Mulberry" e-document management system to fix the "paperwork mess" Mulberry is already used in many other government agencies.
Yerevan Mayor Hrachya Sargsyan: we're using the 1995-era Elpas system today. It cannot be salvaged even through modifications. You can't turn Nokia 6300 into an iPhone. The city's paperwork is in a mess. It won't even provide enough oversight to monitor the work done by our staff.
We need to install Mulberry. This isn't up to debate anymore. We've heard various opinions against it in the past 3 years, but it's a much better system.
Yerevan will have a new washing station for buses It'll have modern standards, said the mayor, calling it necessary to ensure sanitary safety.
Yerevan Autobus drivers will receive healthcare insurance packages «Երևանի ավտոբուս» ընկերությունում գրանցված վարորդները կընդգրկվեն առողջապահական ապահովագրության փաթեթում
transport management center... ... will observe the bus network's performance by using the cameras in the new buses.
Mayor Hrachya: we purchased 211 buses but when you travel around you see long lines in bus stops That's because not all buses are being utilized, said the mayor. "That's not normal." More buses will enter service in 2 weeks.
the budget for installing street lights in Yerevan will double Mayor: we'll continue to install new street lights. It's a joint program with the UN. This year the budget will increase from ֏100m to ֏250m. More lights plus night lighting schedule extension.
new trash cans next to bus stop in Yerevan An auction has launched to purchase 1,200 garbage bins.
reed in Yerevanyan Lake will be dried to prevent water losses The tall grass that grows in the artificial Yerevan Lake is wasting water. 16 hectares of the reed will be killed. There are discussions to build a new recreation area on the shores.
$13.9 million in medical aid was provided last year to help the recovering soldiers Healthcare Minister Avanesyan: The ֏3.3b funds were repeatedly revised and the year ended with ֏6.7b in medical services. This fund doesn't have the same annual threshold as [petpatver medical care] does. //
Healthcare Minister: the expansion of government-funded stroke treatment programs continues successfully Avanesyan: Gyumri has also been included in the STROKE program. Gyumri Medical Center will provide the necessary services from now on. This is necessary for the equal development of our provinces. Vanadzor is next.
Healthcare Minister: a huge increase in doctor's appointments after cancer surgery became free **Avanesyan: it's the second killer in Armenia. We implemented new tools within the past 3 years to detect, prevent, and treat cancer. Many people used to avoid checkups for financial reasons.
7,000 women were examined as part of a screening program that launched in 2021. It detected cancer in the early stages in 80 women. It's a pilot program in Syunik, Tavush, and Lori. Others will join later.
It's also important to expand the free cancer medication program. 195 women used state subsidies for very expensive medication last year.
COVID stats 4.6k tested. 688 infected. 176 healed. 0 deaths. 8.4k active.
Minister: vaccines are effective even against Covid mutations Avanesyan: The vaccination was very slow in 1H2021, but thanks to public information and other campaigns, we were able to activate the process. Almost 1 million people have received one shot.
ever wonder how masks can protect you and others from Covid, even though you can still "smell the fart" through them? You may have seen the funny deadly memes on Facebook. This article visualizes how N95 masks work. Regular masks are less effective than N95 but the protection concept is the same.
More explanation:
construction of Shoghakat's 10 MW solar power station will complete in June Soghakat Mayor Lusiko: Two stations are being built in Shoghakat's Aghberk and Soghakat communities. Right now we have 34 MW operational stations. The additional 10 MW will be connected to the grid by June.
The construction of another 4 stations with a total of 18 MW will begin this year. These solar stations have/will create 150 temporary and 20 permanent job positions. //
diasporan businessman wants you to get drunk on apple vodka Tateon is a new 42-degree vodka brand established last year in Gegharkunik's Vardenis town. The idea belonged to a musician-turned-businessman Armen Karapetyan.
He worked in France for 23 years before the decision to create an Armenian version of French Calvados, but with a different taste and strength. [strongr bettr ma frend]
The founder explains how the alcohol is kept in oak barrels and fermented for half a year, while other types usually require just a few weeks.
23kg apple is necessary for 1 bottle or Tateon. A 500ml bottle costs $40.
The name Tateon is the Armenian version of Turkish "Diyadin", according to historian Movses Khorenantsi. Diyadin is in modern-day eastern Turkey, not far from the Armenian border. This is where the businessman's ancestors came from.
Russian peacekeepers distributed gifts to low-income families in Artsakh The event took place in village Kochoght. Dozens of children received gifts and candy. Similar events are planned in other settlements soon.
update: ex-MOD Davit Tonoyan will remain behind bars for another 2 months pending an army embezzlement trial Davit Tonoyan and several other ranking army figures are suspected of purchasing bad/wrong missiles and embezzling military funds. Tonoyan has since been in jail.
Last week a group of public figures "vouched" that Tonoyan won't violate laws if he is released pretrial, and asked the court to grant a release.
The court rejected the petition and decided to keep Tonoyan and three others in jail for another 2 months. Another defendant was allowed to post $10,000 bail. Tonoyan's defense will appeal the verdict. He denies any wrongdoing.
Armenia and Austria marked the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations Armenians settled in the Austrian Empire in the 17th century. The community grew after the 1915 Genocide. There are 7,000 today, according to some estimates. The vast majority live in the capital Vienna. That's where you'll also find Սուրբ Փրկիչ and Սուրբ Հռիփսիմե churches.
The diplomatic relations were established on 24 Jan 1992. There have since been dozens of cooperation agreements and official visits between the states.
more Yesterday's news in English and русский (by Impossible-Ad-).
News archive: Donations: soldiers' families, humanitarian aid, US tax-deductible donation.
The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.
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Considoring in the show John wasn't aware of supernatural till after Mary's death.
Even though she did abit of hunting after having Dean as told is life of asa fox.
But speaking of how did Mary get away doing afew hunts without John questioning it after she had Dean lol
I don't see what this new, show will bring yo the table
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2022.01.24 19:34 Lord-Romi European and American PS2 games on Japanese PS3

I'm having some issues playing PAL and NTSC U PS2 games on my jailbroken PS3. Whenever I try to open the game via webman it opens it like normal but then I get a black screen and nothing appears at all. I'm still able to hold the home button to access options and quit to XMB like normal but I can't get the game to run.
Is there any setting that I should change to make games from other regions work? The PS3 that I'm using is a CECHA00 on Evilnat 4.88.
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2022.01.24 19:34 RK800mk1 When you're totally ready for something but then it actually happens and you suddenly aren't

When you're totally ready for something but then it actually happens and you suddenly aren't #relatable
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2022.01.24 19:34 MeltingPants Accidentally woke up Effie to get a picture of her

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2022.01.24 19:34 LiveFromMumsBasement Walmart people prefer their cereal frozen

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2022.01.24 19:34 Smokey71321 Chalaensis x Oscar Pup. $30 + $10 shipping

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2022.01.24 19:34 Ike-edelic What to do about deer?

Would like to start a garden, but I get a lot of deer in my yard and they will absolutely go after anything I try to grow. I know a fenced enclosure would be the best, but since this is my first time I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on materials. Any easy/inexpensive ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.24 19:34 NickolasCaged Total Annihilation ProTA 2021 Tourney Finals - TAG ROCK vs TAG Venom #5 Violet Reefs

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